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  • The Podcast Network

    The Podcast Network (TPN) is a network of TPN-produced programs and it's not a site for submitting podcasts. Its shows fall under the categories of Tech & Science, Business, Entertainment, Sport, Lifestyle and Radio Drama. TPN occasionally posts a call for people interesting in hosting a show and this information is posted in its blog, which also provides info and news related to the network.

    You can download the full network feed list through its OPML file. All of the current shows appear on the left column under their respective categories. The links take you to the show's information page or you can grab the RSS feed. You can listen to a specific episode by clicking on the links that appear on the show's information page. Episode information includes a summary along with the episode's time line and related links. You can leave comments. Search the network through the search box or clicking on any of the tpntags on the home page.

    Look them up by topic, title and provider. To get more information about a podcast, click on its title and a description appears along with the subscription link. Each podcast description also provides more information in which it takes you to the program's Web page. You can't submit podcast feeds to TPN as it's for its own programs.

  • EveryPodcast.com ***DEAD

    EveryPodcast.com is a directory of podcasts for finding and submitting podcasts. To find podcasts, just "Look Around" and click on Podcast Directory to get a list of categories and browse. Podcast entries display the title of the program, its description, the date it was added to the directory, the number of hits and a link to rate the podcast. New entries are identified with a "new" icon.

    You can find podcasts by using the search tool, looking at the Top Podcasts list on the left of the page or the checking out the Recently Added list on the right side of the page. The Top Podcasts come with link comments, additional details and editor review. When clicking on a Recently Added podcast, it takes you to the site or the feed rather than its description like the other entries. The site also has podcasting forums and you can create an account.


  • SHOUTcast Wire ***DEAD

    It frightens me more than a little that AOL still rules the media player roost. After flubbing the launch of the Winamp 3.x series, they redeemed themselves with Winamp 5, completely bypassing a v. 4.x release. The newest version of Winamp Player 5.1 has received a face lift and a healthy dose of new features. As with previous versions, Winamp supports audio and video playback. This update includes support for AOL radio, including XM channels.

    Possibly the biggest boost to the player is the inclusion of a podcasting directory, offering the first viable alternative to iTunes for an all encompassing media player/podcasting experience. One quirk about subscribing in Winamp is the podcast feature is set to never update by default, so subscribed podcasts aren't downloaded.

    The SHOUTcast Wire Podcast Directory makes it easier to discover new feeds and listen to podcasts without additional software or Web sites. The directory is a media RSS browser and subscription service. Winamp lite doesn't come with Predixis MusicMagic, an application that manages the music library. You can get it separately from Predixis.


  • NPR Podcast Directory

    NPR currently is a directory of over 180 podcasts of NPR programs listed by topic. The main page lists the featured podcasts, but you can also look by topic, title and provider. To get more information about a podcast, click on its title and a description appears along with the subscription link. Each podcast description also provides more information in which it takes you to the program's Web page.

    NPR doesn't take podcast submissions.

  • Bloggdigger

    Blogdigger indexes blog and media content so it's available for searching. Its search results are available as RSS and Atom feeds, so you can subscribe to the keyword searches and get automatically notified through your feed reader. It also provides RSS feeds of media content includes Windows Media, MP3, QuickTime, and BitTorrent. To find podcasts, click on Media and subscribe to its RSS feed.

    You can search for media by entering keywords and checking only the audio box so the search displays audio content. Results can be sorted by date or relevance. The Media page also has an RSS feed for audio so you know when feeds have been updated. Blogdigger Groups is for combining the contents of two or more blogs so you can access the contents with one feed. Since podcasts usually have feeds, you should be able to combine them as well.

    Submit your podcast feed here: http://www.blogdigger.com/add.jsp.






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