• Where to Submit Your Podcasts: Best Podcast Search Engines and Directories - Mini-Guide, Part 13

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  • TelCaster.com ***DEAD

    TelCaster.com is an online service for creating and subscribing to podcasts. Browse for podcasts by categories or search by keywords. When you find a podcast of interest, you can play it from its episode page, which includes a description, episode length and published date.

    Podcasting with Telcast is a series of programs that provide tips and techniques for creating and distributing your podcast using TelCaster. TelCaster helps you create a podcast using your phone, so a microphone isn't necessary. There isn't a submission page as the listed programs are those created with TelCaster.


  • Sahfor ***DEAD

    Sahfor is a Web site, RSS feed and podcast directory where you can add the URL for any of them. The podcast directory lists the podcasts, a link to their feed or Web site and a short description. It's not a fancy site, but you might discover new and interesting podcasts here.


  • Get A Podcast

    Get A Podcast is a searchable podcast directory that you can browse alphabetically by going to the podcast map. The home page displays the newest podcasts, last five viewed, most popular, today's top keywords, top keywords and the last six searches. There is no registration, yet the site lets you know which podcasts you most recently viewed (through use of cookies).

    Each podcast page lists the release date, RSS link, date last reviewed, date last refreshed, number of page views, description, a list of podcasts and a link to play the podcast. The site has an RSS feed so you can stay updated on the latest podcasts.

    Submit your podcast feed here: http://www.getapodcast.com/AddFeed.aspx.

  • LearnOutLoud.com

    LearnOutLoud.com, an online resource for audio and video learning material, has a directory of educational and self-development podcasts. This directory contains podcasts for people interested in learning about business, politics, science, technology and many other subjects. Unlike other podcast directories, LearnOutLoud.com's directory is not a free-for-all directory. Rather, all podcasts have been hand-picked to ensure quality of content and production.

    Features of its podcast directory include one-click subscriptions through Apple iTunes, the ability to listen to podcasts through streaming audio, user ratings and reviews and the RSS feeds for downloading past episodes of a podcast. Each category has an overview of what you can find in that category. Some of the podcasts are available for a fee while others are free. You can hear a sample of the podcast and discuss it in the forums. The site also has a blog, articles and an e-magazine.

    Submit your podcast feed here: http://www.learnoutloud.com/welcome.php?from=3
    You need to register first.

  • Yahoo! Podcasts ***DEAD

    Yahoo! Podcasts is a directory of podcasts for browsing and searching. It also has introductory articles on the topic and publishing. Use the search box to find podcasts or browse by category, popular tags, most popular podcasts, highly rated podcasts and staff picks. Click on a podcast title to get its details, ratings, reviews, episode list where every episode can be rated, a link to listen to it and a link to subscribe to the feed.

    The guide notes adult material with an "explicit" tag. The category and tag lists have a summary of each podcast along with the reviews, links to listen or subscribe, cost, number of subscribers and number of episodes. If you have a Yahoo! account, it works here, so no registration needed. Yahoo! Podcasts isn't the same thing as Yahoo! Audio Search as it's a tool to search for ALL audio, not just podcasts.







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