• Where to Submit Your Podcasts: Best Podcast Search Engines and Directories - Mini-Guide, Part 10

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  • Podcasterworld.com ***DEAD

    Podcasterworld.com has a centralized directory of podcasts and provides a place to upload podcasts to podcasters without a Web sites. All they have to do is upload their MP3 files. The site highlights popular podcast picks and featured podcasts.

    The complete directory appears in alphabetical order by title and all on one page. While there's no search tool, you can use your find feature to find keywords. Every entry comes with a title, link to its detailed page, summary, city and link to the podcast feed. The detailed page also lists the podcast's category and lets you listen to the podcast.

    Below the featured podcasts, which appear on the right side of the web site is a list of the most recent podcasts.


  • Podcast Charts ***DEAD

    Podcast Charts brings together podcasters to share insights and work together to move podcasting to the next level through its directory. Discover new sites by browsing the New Listings, Most Popular, Top Ranked, Editor's Picks or look around the categories.

    If you have an interest in a category, you can be notified when new podcasts are added by clicking on Subscribe. Before you do that, you need to register and the registration form has only three required fields.

    Visitors can rate and review the podcasts and refer it to a friend or use it as a reminder to themselves to check out the podcast. It's a well-organized and easy to use directory.


  • MyPodcastCenter ***DEAD

    MyPodcastCenter has a directory with podcasts as well as sites about podcasting. To see list of podcasts, click on Podcasts to get its category list. On every page are What's New and Top Hits tabs so you quickly access the new and top podcast lists.

    Whenever you view the list of podcasts, each podcast comes with Rate It, Comments, Modify and Report tabs. The lists display the title of the podcast, a summary and an overview of its numbers. Click on More Info... to get the lowdown on the podcast. You might see POP! or NEW icons next to the entry. NEW is self-explanatory. POP is popular and many entries are listed with it.

    The podcast directory also links to news, other directories, tools and sites for creating your own podcasts, resources for voice talent, events related to podcasting and more. This site is a Yahoo!-style directory for podcasting.


  • GoFish ***DEAD

    GoFish is a multimedia search platform that searches for more than just podcasts. However, it has a section for podcasts with over 1000 listed. They're sorted by date by default, but you can change it to sort by popular or name.

    On the left side is a list of categories which also includes Recent and video podcasts. You can browse by category, date, name or use the search tool.

    A category page lists each podcast in its own box along with its overview that includes the Web URL, podcast URL, last update, an email a friend link and a link to listen to the podcast. Select a podcast to view its post shows and descriptions of each.


  • fluctu8

    fluctu8 is a web-based aggregator to keep users updated on audio sources, which can be music or talk radio. fluctu8 accepts podcasts, rsscasts and atomcasts into its directory. The files are sorted into categories. The category pages provide an overview of each sound source in which you can listen to, view more info or read comments.

    You can browse the sources through the Browse Sources feature, which lets you click on a letter or number to find sound files beginning with that letter or number. Or you can use the search tool. The site also features sources and provides help with the site and audio-related information.

    Submit your podcast feed here: http://fluctu8.com/addsource.php






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