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    2010-08-27 17:50:53


    Hey. Just wanted to suggest adding my own site to the list. We do take submissions. It's podslinger.net. Thanks.

    2010-02-06 14:08:04


    Great resource. Thank you !

    2010-02-03 00:37:48

    Pete Smith

    Just finished my first podcast. Some great tips here, thanks :-) We are an independent record label not a big bad corporation out to sue you for file sharing, we WANT you to spread our music around. To listen to the Antiqcool Music Business philosophy podcast go here http:antiqcool.podbean.com20100122the-antiqcool-podcast-episode-1-how-can-you-be-a-part-of-our-success

    2009-12-10 11:41:46

    Team Chais

    very big thanks for Best Podcast Search Engines list ... :)

    2009-10-14 22:24:15


    Thanks.... again! Just what I needed.

    2009-07-18 18:10:36


    Thanks for compiling this list, very helpful!

    2009-07-16 19:45:50

    Jimmy Bryant

    Great site, very useful indeed! Thanks

    2009-04-23 07:40:57

    Podcast Directory

    Thanks a lot for all of you. Here i have another site for you where you can post your podcasts. Podcast Directory - Phonecasting is the most excellent site to find all your podcasts, podcast feeds, podcast definitions, podcast software and best podcast directory.

    2008-09-14 23:41:30

    Oyunlar 1

    great info thanks

    2008-08-27 12:42:21


    This is a great list of podcast directories.I'ld like to mention one more service that you should add in your list i.e. PodPusher (www.podpusher.com) which allows users to submit the podcasts to over 60 directories at once and the service is free.

    2008-04-24 12:32:18


    Not a podcast directory but a good starting point for some video podcasts (I have subscribed to all of these now!) http:www.subtafuge.com200804top-10-video-podcasts

    2008-03-13 21:12:15

    Oritseyemi Emmanuel Madamedon

    Hey Robin, Check out yemostic.com. It is a podcast directory, also Hosts user-generated videos. Includes network and professional content. Link to the UGV

    2008-02-07 20:48:54

    Christian Del Monte

    Hi Robin, Just wanted to give you another podcast resource www.ibizradio.com. We just revamped the site and are still working some of the bugs out, but its a great resource to find business only podcasts. Cheers, Christian

    2007-12-09 14:34:44

    John Stuart

    The link to podcast charts on page 4 is a virus trap. I downloaed a JSPyme from linking to it. Fortunately, my AVG caught it in time.

    2007-11-20 18:49:49

    magazine subscriptions

    great list we will use to promote our magazine podcasts

    2007-10-02 05:14:42


    umm , great! thank you..

    2007-01-07 12:49:09


    A great site . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    2006-12-17 22:28:28


    All Feeds does just that, show all of its feeds with the title, link to its site and a short description when there is one. The title link from anywhere on the Web site opens the podcast in a media player instead of a detailed page. Podcasts don't have detailed pages.

    2006-11-06 17:11:44


    Thank you..

    2006-11-02 13:23:21

    Juergen Kress

    Hi Robin, can you please add our website www.speecha.com? SPEECHA your podcast community to find, tag and share podcasts with your friends. Submit your podcast feed here: http://www.speecha.com/channel/new

    2006-10-20 08:40:17

    Matt Williams

    Another place to add high quality podcasts: www.podcastdirectory.org

    2006-09-28 14:21:03


    if i get subscribers to my podcast through itunes, podblaze, or where ever, will i be able to see who is subscribing?

    2006-07-31 17:13:42


    Here is one for your list: Fetching Podcasts http://www.fetchingpodcasts.com Fetching Podcasts from around the web to make it easier for you to find the best of the best.

    2006-06-19 13:27:54


    Dont forget www.triyo.com, there are over a thousand podcasts..and you can listen online! If you're a podcaster, you can also use the site to ping all the major podcasting resources with your podcast feed (apple, odeo, technorati etc)...to get even more listeners!

    2006-06-03 14:46:47


    You might be interested in this specialist UK-based podcast directory: "Podcasts for Educators". The directory contains selected educational podcasts for use with children and young people at home, school and elsewhere.

    2006-01-25 19:08:35


    Podsage is a free podcast client for windows with over 27,000 linked feeds and can be updated automatically via 100+ OPML links.

    2006-01-20 15:26:19


    oh and of course there is Poddle for a google-like podcast search

    2006-01-20 15:21:18


    there's also The Pod Lounge which is growing at a rapid rate and scored Yahoo Australia's pick of the day for January 19

    2006-01-11 01:58:44


    Here's another great directory dedicated to video podcasting: http://www.podcastvideos.org

    2006-01-11 01:55:46


    Here's another great directory dedicated to video podcasting: http://www.podcastvideos.org

    2006-01-07 08:55:17


    Check PODSONORO, http://www.podsonoro.com It is a Spanish podcasts search engine.

    2006-01-05 02:07:54

    Jonathan Kolyer

    You forgot to mention podOmatic: http://www.podOmatic.com

    2005-12-30 03:40:40


    There is also PromoPicker.com Which features podcasters and their show promos.

    2005-12-19 23:57:58

    Dan Safkow

    I've taken the directory list to the next level by expanding on it adding Alexa index to it so those submitting to the directories can work smart, not long. http://www.PodcastOptimization.com

    2005-12-19 23:56:28

    Dan Safkow

    I've taken the directory list to the next level by expanding on it adding Alexa index to it so those submitting to the directories can work smart, not long. http://www.PodcastOptimization.com

    2005-11-29 03:50:17


    Just to add to the list... Vodstock is a growing directory of vodcasts (video podcasts) with ratings and suggestions.

    2005-10-04 00:01:25


    This is a great list of Podcasting sites!!

    2005-09-10 14:33:42

    Namita Nayyar

    A great site . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    2005-09-08 12:11:36

    Carlos Jorge Andrade

    Portuguese spoken podcast directory http://www.lusocast.com

    2005-09-08 08:27:41

    Rodney Rumford

    Robin, You neglected to add http://www.podblaze.com which has a directory of over 600 podcasts. also http://www.freshpodcasts.com has a ping server and automatically receives podcast pings.

    2005-09-07 14:42:59

    Coffee & Cr@sh

    Howard Stern style 2-geek ran show covering tech, girls, sex, movies, stupid people, and more more!

    2005-08-31 14:03:53

    I use PodNova for finding podcasts and my subscription management, at http://www.podnova.com

    2005-08-19 22:10:37

    Christopher Sisk

    AudioFeeds.org lists independent music podcasts and feeds. Currently accepting submissions. AudioFeeds.org is highly moderated to ensure podsafe, copyright free feeds.

    2005-08-18 15:42:49

    Stephanie Ciccarelli

    InteractiveVoices.com is a professional voice-over talent job site where you can upload your podcasts / demos and be listened to by business employers and podcast producers. Promote your talents and your podcast by joining the leading voice-over marketplace, InteractiveVoices.com http://www.InteractiveVoices.com

    2005-07-11 13:55:09


    i just wanted to add the spanish speakers podcasts directory to your great list: http://www.podcastellano.com/directorio-de-podcasts do also check this out: http://www.podcast-es.org/index.php/Directorio

    2005-07-11 06:55:47

    John S

    Great list! Here is another podcast site to add with rapid inclusion and a built-in reader: GetAPodcast.com http://www.getapodcast.com/addfeed.aspx

    2005-06-02 20:17:34

    Penny Haynes

    I just wanted to add another directory to your list: Family Friendly Podcasts is a directory for podcasts that are safe and professional for businesses and families. The Directory is also available via 2 podcasts - one of the listings in alphabetical order, and the other by latest listing.






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