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Feednation ***DEAD

Feednation is a cross between a feed reader and collection of feeds packed with many features. To use it and submit your feeds, the site requires free registration. All you need to enter is an email address, user ID and create a password.

You can add your account in the Control Panel so you can pass tags you create in Feednation to the Delicious account. Save a bookmarklet to your browser to add new feeds quickly and easily. Find feeds by browsing the groups or using search, which can search titles, feed content or tags. You can import an entire group into your account. Every feed has a preview and subscribe button along with its title, language and description.

You can create groups for sorting your feeds by categories or tags. Groups can be made public so others can import your feeds. Recent Groups displays the newest entries and Hot Groups are the currently popular groups. You can manage your feeds on the MyFeed page to move them into another group, toggle whether or not you want to receive emails whenever the feed has a new item and do a few other things.

To submit your feed to Feednation, you must be a registered user (free) and then all you need to enter is your feed's URL.


Posted on November 1, 2005


RSS-Feed ***DEAD

RSS-Feed is a feed reader and directory of feeds. The site is available in English and French. Feeds are sorted into categories, which include Computers, Games, Movies, Music, People and Science. Category pages list the latest news and a summary of each blog. Clicking Read the Feed provides a list of the latest headlines. Click on a headline to get more details. The site has a search tool for finding news by keyword.

Those using RSS Feed to read feeds can quickly add a blog to favorites with the Add to Favorites link shown in each blog summary. Currently, the site only accepts English and French feeds. A neat feature is the ability to merge two or more feeds to create one new feed. Click on Add to delicious from any page you're on to create a new tag.


Posted on October 27, 2005


Feedminer ***DEAD

FeedMiner is a pure feed search engine for finding content by search keywords and getting the feed. Some sites hide their feeds and it's time consuming to find them. The search results display the title of the Web site or blog, brief information that appears in the start of the feed, a preview link and the feed link. Click on the title or Preview link to view the latest entries along with the description, posting timestamps and the title with a link to that entry's permalink.

FeedMiner has a blog that provides updates on the search engine and feed-related news. FeedMiner is a great resource whenever you're trying to find the feed for a site. Enter that site's name and it quickly pulls it up, if it's available as not all sites have feeds and FeedMinder may not have it indexed yet.


Posted on October 19, 2005


Rojo ***DEAD

Rojo is a free, web-based RSS feed reader with social networking capabilities. Rojo provides many features you can access after registering for free by entering your ID, email address, and password. Once submitted, it walks you through a wizard for personalizing your feeds. You don't have to fill in all of the fields or you can skip the wizard.

Rojo has the following features:

  • A feed directory that organizes RSS feeds around a set of categories

  • A news search engine scanning millions of news sources and blogs

  • An advanced organizing tagging functionality to categorize and sharing information

  • Ability to sort feeds by feed tags, how frequently read, unread story count and name

  • Ability to import and export feeds

  • A sharing capability to share saved stories, feeds, tags of all of your contacts

Access the directory by clicking on explore. The directory is in Yahoo style with main categories and subcategories. You can also search for feeds by tags. You can limit your tag results to those from your account and those from your contacts or view all of them. You can find feeds through the Add a Feed page and search various feed providers including jobs, zip code, groups and more.


Posted on October 13, 2005


NewsNetPlus ***DEAD

NewsNetPlus is a blog and RSS feed search engine. NewsNetPlus has a simple interface for searching blogs by keywords and the results can be sorted by date or relevance. The search results come with a feed that you can add to your feed reader. Each entry in the search results has the title or headline, a brief summary, the source from where the entry comes, the date posted, a link to its feed, and a preview link. The preview link lists the source's more recent entries. Clicking on the title or headline takes you directly to the entry. Clicking on the source link takes you to the source's Web site rather than the entry.

Some sites make it difficult to find their feeds, so this search comes in handy. If you want the feeds for a newspaper Web site, enter the newspaper's name to search. The results should provide a feed to the newspaper's content. If not, you can add the search result feed that appears at the top of the results into your feed reader. You can switch sorting preferences while on the results page. If your results are sorted by date, you can click on Sort by Relevance to change it.


Posted on October 8, 2005



BlogScholar is an academic blogging portal that lists academic-related blogs by subject including art, chemistry, computer science, media studies, literature, medicine, physics and sociology. Storyfinder is an interesting directory of RSS Newsfeeds hand-picked by Blogscholar editors. The site also has news items and archived posts about academic blogging.

To submit your blog to BlogScholar, start by registering with the site. Once you register, you can submit directory listings, news feeds, and news about academic blogging.

If you wish to submit an RSS Newsfeed for consideration to the StoryFinder directory, admin at with a link to the feed and a proposed category. Remember, only a few make this list, so don't feel hurt if your feed is not accepted for inclusion as the editors receive far more feed submissions then we can accomodate in our editorial policy.

Posted on September 30, 2005


The Blog Resource ***DEAD

The Blog Resource is a general directory of blogs. Search for blogs by browsing categories, entering keywords into the search box, clicking Latest Links for newly submitted blogs or clicking Top Hits for the latest hot blogs. When clicking on a category, you receive a list of blogs for that category along with their titles, URLs, and brief descriptions.

To submit your feed to The Blog Resource, you need to enter your blog title, URL, your name, your email, and select the right category. You can also optionally add a description and a reciprocal link URL. What's nice is if you want to enter multiple blogs, after you enter one -- another form appears with your name, email, and category completed based on your previous entry. It doesn't cost anything to submit, but you can have a featured link for a fee.


Posted on September 23, 2005



Blogtagstic is a human moderated blog directory with tags. All links in this blog directory go straight to the blogger's site without redirects to improve individual blog's backlinks. This directory is different from most directories as it uses tags instead of categories for browsing. Click on a tag and a list of blogs related to that tag will appear. Each blog listed in the directory comes with its title, description and related tags.

To submit your feed to Blogtastic, you need to enter your blog title, URL, at least one tag (you can have up to three), and a blog description. It's possible to submit two or three keyphrase tags as well.

Posted on September 19, 2005


Jordo Media

Jordo Media is an RSS / Atom feed directory organized by content categories, new, popular, top rated and editor's picks. You can also click on Random to see a random feed. You can also search feeds by keywords. Each day a new feed appears in the Feed of the Day box on the right side of the home page with the title, description and date added. The Top 20 Feeds and Last 20 RSS Feeds appear in the left column under the main menu. Users can directly rate feeds in the directory. If you subscribe to Jordo Media, you can also create your own page of subscriptions.

The site also has a photo gallery where you can upload photos, create albums, rate and add them to your favorites album.

JordoMedia no longer accepts RSS submissions.

Posted on September 15, 2005


FeedBomb ***DEAD

FeedBomb is a directory organized by content categories. These include: Arts, Business, Computers, Entertainment, Finance, Health, Home, Internet, Reference and Society. At press time, the directory doesn't have many entries yet, but it's growing. It creates a new page just for your site, which includes the title, description, headlines, links to your articles, feed link, and site link.


Posted on September 14, 2005


BlogsbyWomen ***DEAD

BlogsByWomen is a directory of blogs run by women. It includes many categories ranging from Arts & Entertainment to Technology. Its home page has a Blogs by Women Blogroll, short version of its directory and a link to the Blogs by Women Directory where you get the full blown list of sites. You can click on any of the categories to browse blogs or page through the complete list. You can also rate the blogs on a scale from one to five stars. Each category lists blogs along with their description and a link to rate them.

To submit your blog to BlogsByWomen, please go to and enter first and last names, title of blog, link URL, email address, category, and description.


Posted on September 8, 2005 ***DEAD is a blog directory with RSS feeds. The blogs are sorted by categories that you can browse or you can find blogs through the search box. You can also click on Browse to get a list of blogs and view them page by page. The Most Popular Blogs are shown on the right side. Each entry has a brief description, its listed categories and its latest entries. Visitors can rate blogs.


Posted on September 6, 2005


Blogfuse ***DEAD

Blogfuse Blog Directory is a catalog of blogs covering many topics from all over the world. This is a family-friendly site so blogs of adult material are not accepted. The directory is new, so you won't find many entries yet. You can search for blogs by category or use the search box. If you think a category needs adding, you can submit a new category here. Newest blogs accepted for entry are listed in the bottom left on the Blogfuse Blog directory home page.

To submit your feed to Bloguse, you need select a category and enter title, URL, RSS URL, Description, link type (regular or reciprocal), Reciprocal link (if you select reciprocal link type), and email address (only if you want to be notified when the link is approved). You can also register a user account so you can edit your link, otherwise it is not required.

You can try to enter just the category and URL, the click "Get title and description" button as it tries to fill in some of the fields for you. Whether or not it works depends on your meta data information.


Posted on September 1, 2005



RateItAll is an interactive blog directory for finding, promoting and rating blogs. Blogs are grouped by type and visitors can publicly rate and review each blog. Each blog category is ordered by cumulative user rating. The RateItAll Blog Directory is a small part of the site as it has another and larger side of it: RateItAll Topics, WebLists and RateLocal where users give opinions on businesses, people, products, and local merchants.

The RateItAll home page lists the newest cities in the RateLocal directories, hottest topics, special features, and what's new.

To submit your feed to RateItAll, select the category where it belongs and then click "Add a new item to this Topic." Enter your item name (I entered the blog name), item description, Blog URL, Web site name (again, the blog name), and an email. The email address is to notify you of your listing's approval or rejection.

Posted on August 28, 2005



FeedCat is an RSS search engine and a directory organized by content categories. These include: News & Business, Technique, Weblogs, Culture, Regions, Companies, Language, and Other. Feedcat is available in three languages: Czech, Slovak, and English. It has another unique feature that I haven't seen, filtering feeds by language, not just these three, but many. For example, if you want to find Spanish-speaking sites, click on "es" under the Filter By Language category.

On the bottom half of the page is a list of new feeds. On the right side, you can see how many feeds are listed on Feedcat, how many categories, and the top feeds. You can find RSS feeds by searching or navigating FeedCat's directory. Michal Repasek, author of the directory, is also the author of an RSSPoint, an RSS and Atom Reader.

To submit your feed to FeedCat you need to input your feed URL and select a category here:

The submitted feeds appear almost immediately on the list of new feeds at the bottom of the FeedCat home page.

Posted on August 23, 2005


RSS Locator ***DEAD

RSS Locator is an RSS search engine and a directory organized by content categories. These include: Business, DVDs and Entertainment, Government, Music, Science, Sports, Computers & Technology, Education, Health & Medicine, Real Estate, Stocks & Investing, Travel and All Feeds.

You can find RSS feeds by searching or browsing the RSS Locator directory.

To submit your feed to RSS Locator you need to input your email address and your feed URL here: Submitted feeds will be added and indexed within 48 hours.


Posted on August 21, 2005



Created by Darren Crocker FindRSS is a comprehensive directory of rss, xml, rdf and atom data feeds. Paid services allow users to promote their feeds by positioning them on the opening page of or make them really easy to find by adding them to the pop-down menu of 'quick-pick' feeds. When searching for feeds, a preview of the feed is returned with your search results, making the process of finding the feed your need fast and efficient. Currently indexing over 10,000 RSS feeds it allows anyone to submit their own feed or list of feeds to be added to the catalog at no cost." Any type of data feed including blogs, can be added to the directory, so long as it's available as in rss, xml, rdf or atom format.

FindRSS no longer accepts RSS submissions.

Posted on July 19, 2005



Redtram is an RSS search engine that provides a cutting edge, innovative approach to aggregate topic-related news in multiple languages and from different parts of the world. Redtram presently aggregates the feed content of over 4,000 sources with over 2,300 in English.

Redtram also provides an interface in multiple languages and multiple services to access, read and syndicate news feeds.

Redtram operates cooperatively with its news and content providers by providing exposure, reach and extra visibility to them.

To submit your RSS feed to Redtram go to this page:

Your site needs to be a credible news source. To submit your RSS feed you need also to provide site and feed URLs, topics covered, regions of the world covered, your name and contact email.

Posted on July 6, 2005



Bloggerfind is a directory of blogs. It uncludes many categories ranging from arts to technology topics. Access and organization of the site is rather good and finding/searching new blogs is straighforward. You can easily access New Listed Blogs, Top Ranked and Most Popular ones.

Bloggerfind no longer accepts blog submissions.

Posted on June 27, 2005


Blogs for Small Business Directory

Blogs For Small Business is a blog directory dedicated to serving small business. It includes blogs that are written by small business for small business. It's purpose is for small business owners to find what they need without having to search all over the place and dig through oodles of categories to get to just the right nugget of information. Blogs that belong in this directory are any blog that provides tips, tactics, strategies, or ideas to help small business owners and entrepreneurs. Topics can be marketing ideas, customer service, operations and management, leadership -- and any other category listed in the directory.

To submit your blog to Blogs for Small Business go to:

Posted on June 23, 2005



Bloggernity is a Blog search engine and directory organized by categories. By choosing one of the listed categories, you will find a page containing all the blogs that are related to that subject, plus a list of the "most popular" and "Top Rated" ones. From the main page you can also access the "last 20 newly listed Blogger Sites". Bloggernity also contains a "red light" area for "Sex Blogs". If accepted as a new member, your site will be listed, reviewed and rated by other users and you will have access to a "report" containing traffic statistics for your blog. This report page will show you the number of visits received by your blog and other interesting details. From the report page you can also write a review about another blog, vote for other sites, or simply report a bad link. The general look of Bloggernity is clean and original enough, although you might need some time to fully manage this directory because of its richness in contents. Bloggernity also offers a variety of third-party features such as a forum, a Gmail gathering and a free image hosting space.

"To submit your Blog to Bloggernity" please go to this page, you need to input the type, name, description and category of your Blog, plus your contact name and your e-mail.

Posted on May 25, 2005



Icerocket is a blog and RSS search engine. The service actually offers several other facilities including a full web search, a breaking News page, Images and a Multimedia Search (over 12 million media files). One unique feature of Icerocket is Blog Trend Search which allows you to map any three selected topics over time in the blogosphere. You can see an example right here. Another interesting feature accessible at Icerocket is the RSS builder which is a free and easy to use service to create RSS feeds for your web site.

To submit your blog to Icerocket please go to:
Here you can submit the URL of your blog or the one of your RSS feed. No registration or other data is required.

Posted on May 18, 2005


RSS Network

RSS Network is an RSS search engine and a directory organized by content categories.
These include: Animals, Arts, Communications, Education, Entertainment, Forums, Health, Internet, News, Personal, Real Estate, Religion & Spirituality, Shopping, Technology, Articles, Business & Economy, Computer, Employment, Environment, Games, Home, Law Enforcement, Non-English RSS Feeds, Politics & Government, Reference, Science, Sports and Travel.
You can find RSS feeds by searching or navigating RSS Network's directory.

To submit your feed to RSS Network you need to input your feed URL, category and subcategory here:

Posted on April 12, 2005


FeedMap ***DEAD

FeedMap is an online resource where blogs meet maps and locations. Using the site, you can geo-code your blog, browse other geo-coded blogs and search for blogs. As soon as you geo-code your blog, you get a BlogMap location with a simple URL for cutting and pasting
providing blogs map and locations.

You can also get a local blogroll, which provides you with a feed of blogs within specified miles of a city. Neighblogs is another tool that displays neighboring blogs in your area. The search tool is for searching blogs by location rather than by subject as the site is solely focused on geography. The site also has a Yahoo! discussion group.

The browse blog page lets you find blogs by geographical tags (The larger the tag, the more entries it has. ) or you can use the Blog Explorer tool that displays maps and lets you view them in aerial (satellite) mode or road mode. Double-click on the map to zoom in. Once you've found a place, right-click (Internet Explorer only) it to get a list of blogs and the count of blogs in the area.


Posted on April 9, 2005


RSS Feeds ***DEAD

RSS Feeds is an RSS, Atom and XML directory containing links to RSS feeds. It's also explains RSS and provides links to validators, readers, statistics, version information and links to search other RSS sites. It also has a forum, but it was down at the time of this writing.

You can search the directory by entering a keyword and the results have the keyword in the title, description or both. It's a simple search engine that provides fast and well-organized results. Click Feed factsheet to get details on the feed including XML URL, host, language, RSS version, directory path, date indexed and add it to your RSS reader (long list of applications available). It also displays the latest contents from the feed and lists other feeds on the same host. If you click on the feed's title, it opens the feed page.

When you've loaded your feed, you can have it validated from your feed's detail page. Actually, you can validate any feed. The home page lists the number of feeds, which is currently over 110,000, and the number of categories available. Also browse feeds by category (from home page) and view the top feeds by language, most recently added, most popular categories and most popular RSS versions.


Posted on April 4, 2005



Feed24 is an online resource integrating a news search engine scanning over 250,000 news sources and blogs.

Feed24 also provides a number of interesting features:

  • It organizes RSS feeds around a set of categories that includes World News, Computers & Internet, Business & Economics, Sports, and Entertainment

  • A free toolbar to direct access to news and other publications using keyword search on Feed24

  • A free email service with the latest 10 publications for each point of your interest

  • MyFeed24, a service which allows users to create their own frontpage only with news sources they are really interested in.


Posted on March 29, 2005



Plazoo is an RSS search engine for news feeds which indexes more than 100,000 RSS feeds.
You can search by categories. These include: Newspapers & Media, Blogs, Sports, Adult, Advertising, IT Blogs, Gay, Headlines, Exchange, Music, Jobmarket, Health, Medicine & Pharmaceutics, Science, Forums, Events, Antivirus & Security, Local News, Games, and All Categories.

To submit your RSS feed to Plazoo you need to input your feed URL, language, category, title, description and your email address.

The submission page is at:

Posted on March 25, 2005


Feeds4all ***DEAD

Feeds4all is an RSS search engine and directory that organizes feeds by category and subcategory. The site has a brief explanation of web feeds. Discover new blogs and feeds by checking out the new web feeds, most popular feeds and most popular enclosures.

The top of the Web site has links to the top 100 and 1000 feeds. If you use the Search Top tool, you get tags. 100 most popular feeds simply lists the feeds in order from number one to 100 along with their categories. Click a title to go to its page. Click its category to see other feeds in the category. The green icon next to the feed indicate its popularity went up while red indicates it dropped. The blue i icon takes you to the feed's details.

Add a "Readers read also" on your Web page with this little script and another shows news headlines. Many of the pages including the categories and tags have a feed, so you can track your favorite items.


Posted on March 14, 2005


Read A Blog

Read a Blog is a blog search engine that allows you to search for blogs by entering keywords into the search box. You can browse blogs on the home page by newest blogs, last five viewed, your last viewed blogs (it's blank till you've looked at one), most popular, today's top keywords, top keywords and the last six searches. Each entry displays the release date (date submitted to site), feed link, last viewed date, last refreshed date, number of page views, description and the latest entries.

The Feed Map link shown on the bottom menu lists feeds in alphabetical order. Read a Blog provides feeds to its site, so you can stay up to speed on the latest entries. The feed links are on the bottom of every page. On the bottom of the home page are statistics for the current date including the number of users online, number of searches, number of views and number of new feeds. You can click on the current users online link for a list that displays the current users' IP addresses, browsers, landing page and referring page.

To submit your feed to Read a Blog, enter the URL for your blog or feed here: and that's it. As soon as it's submitted, you can view the feed. You can submit up to three feeds per day. The feed instantly appears in the New Blogs section on the home page.

Posted on March 10, 2005


Rss Feeds Directory ***DEAD

Rss Feeds Directory is a news RSS directory organized by content categories. Categories also have subcategories. Blogs are listed along with a brief summary on the category and subcategory pages. Click the blog title to go straight to its Web site.

It provides a list of RSS readers (applications for reading feeds) and software (applications for creating feeds from content). The RSS Feed Marketing Tips provides advice on how to get your blog out there.

It's a no frills feed directory that just gives you the basics without any clutter.

To submit your RSS feed to Rss Feeds Directory, work your way through the right category and subcategory, then click the "Add Your Site" link. Here you enter the title, description, URL, name, email address, reciprocal link (not required), and any comments.


Posted on March 5, 2005


The Nooked RSS Directory ***DEAD

The Nooked RSS Directory is an RSS directory for corporate. This directory organizes all RSS feeds around a set of categories that includes: Arts & Humanities, Entertainment, Recreation & Sport, Technology, Automotive, Government, Reference, Business, Health, Regional, Education, News & Media and Science. You can search RSS feeds by keyword or by categories.


Posted on February 27, 2005



Newzfire is an online resource integrating a news search engine scanning over 100,000 news sources and blogs and an interesting News Channel Guide.

To submit your RSS feed to the Newzfire database you only need to input the URL of your RSS feed.


Posted on February 24, 2005



Bloghub is a blog directory and a blog search engine operating across different languages. is an online directory and community where members from around the world gather here and exchange ideas. Bloghub offers also a forum, an online chat and a set of free resources.

To submit your blog to Bloghub you need to input both information about your blog ( Blog Name, URL, Tools used, Site Description, Category ), and personal information ( Your Name, Contact Email, Interests, Favourite Music, Favourite Books, Favourite TV Shows, Favourite Movies, About me ). You can also upload your own photo or a screenshot of your blog site.

Add your blog here:

Posted on February 7, 2005


Blog Rankings

Blog Rankings is a RSS directory organized by content categories. Blog Rankings also lists top rated, newest, popular and Updated. Each blog entry provides its title, description, county, URL, rating, hits and the date added. You can review and rate any blog.

To submit your blog to Blog Rankings, you need to select a category and click on Add a Blog from the top of the page. Enter your blog title, site URL, e-mail address, country, language and description. Information on how to submit is at:

Once your site is submitted it will be reviewed by Blogrankings editors and, if accepted, placed in the directory.

Posted on February 2, 2005 ***DEAD is an online resource supplying both a multi-language blog directory as well as a full RSS search engine.

After filling out a registration provides a number of interesting features to its members:

  • a snippet of code that can be used on your web site to display an RSS search feed tapping into the full database.

  • a selection of feeds to be displayed in your personalized page

  • the ability to organize of all your RSS subscriptions in directories and sub-directories

  • aggregation and download of all your subscriptions into one RSS feed

  • the capability to browse subscriptions preferences of other users


Posted on January 30, 2005


The Feed Directory ***DEAD

The Feed Directory is a RSS directory integrating several thousand feeds in its database.

The Feed Directory features the following:

  • A complete set of feeds organized by categories which include Arts, Business, Computers, Games, Health, Home/Living, News, Recreation, Reference, Science, Shopping, Society and Sports.

  • A Complete Feed Listing into alphabetical order, or by type ( RSS, RDF, Atom )

  • A Search Engine for feeds with these options: Feed Search, Feed Sample Search, Image Search and Subject Search.


Posted on January 24, 2005


MyMSN RSS Directory

The MSN RSS directory of My MSN portal is an online resource for MyMSN users that allows to search feeds from MSN recommended sources subdivided for content Provider, popular content or around a set of categories that includes Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, MSN tools, News, Shopping, Sports and Tech.

MyMSN users can also get feeds directly from the web through an RSS search engine. All Feeds selected will be displayed into the MyMSN Portal through an integrated Web-based online RSS reader.

To submit your RSS/Atom feed to My MSN Portal you only need to submit your RSS feed URL into the "search for content to add" box. A Web page dialog will appear. Fill it in and click OK. Your RSS feed will be immediately added to MSN's crawl.

***Update*** Feb. 03

Partnership between Moreover and MSN Search

The partnership between the two companies allows Moreover RSS feed search and access technology to be used by MSN to provide convenient access to millions of blogs and other RSS feeds from the My MSN homepage.

Among the benefits:

Feed Inclusion -- Bloggers and other RSS feed owners are able to conveniently submit their feed for inclusion within the My MSN content search via Moreover's ping server. This Moreover powered feature is also of significance to the blogging community because any blogs in the Moreover system will now be available to the vast MSN community of users.

According to a new press release: "Bloggers wishing to submit their feeds to Moreover for inclusion within the MSN Content Search can visit

Posted on January 20, 2005


News Feed Directories

News Feed Directories is a RSS directory organized by content categories. These include: Arts, Business, Computers, Games, Health, Home, News, Recreation, Reference, Regional, Science, Shopping, Society, Sports, Other.

To submit your blog to News Feed Directories you only need to input your RSS feed URL and category here:

Posted on January 19, 2005


CompleteRSS ***DEAD

CompleteRSS is a blog search engine in beta version that appears to be very professional. It contains several thousand feeds in its database and an useful "RSS Tips & Tricks" section.


Posted on January 13, 2005


RSS Top55 updates and new entries - RSS feed RSSTop55 - Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites

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The RSSTop55 Premium is a ranked and sorted version of the RSSTop55 which also includes a unique a small set of innovative complementary tactics and personally selected resources to further increase your RSS-based content exposure and visibility online.
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