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(Premium version now available) ***DEAD is a resource of blog recommendations by starting with your favorite weblog (or perhaps even your own) and find others like it. This tool is based on, which provides book recommendations based on the books you like. Recommendations are based not only on subject matter, but also on the style and input of the bloggers themselves and their readers. The recommendations come from the views of those who have read and enjoyed these same weblogs.

Registration is necessary so you can get personalized recommendations, but no registration is needed to submit your blog. The more people who review blogs, the better the recommendations as it takes a community to grow and sharpen the recommendations. It's a nice way to discover more blogs you like without just relying on keywords.

You can browse blogs by alphabet, or a search for a title or URL. Try searching for a blog you like. If it's in the list, then click Get Recommendations for blogs that best match your selected blog's style, content and delivery. Anything above 80% is a very good match. The site has a tool so bloggers can display the top BlogCode matches in their own blogs. This site provides a unique way of finding and sharing blogs.


Posted on June 19, 2006


Globe of Blogs

Globe of Blogs is a blog directory that lists blogs beyond title and location. It also lists blogs by author name, birthday and topic. The directory has been up sine 2002, so it has over 35,000 blogs registered! Plenty to keep you busy for a while.

You can see how many blogs are listed for each listing type as a number in brackets appears next to the topic. The left and right side of the site list the blogs by different lists as well as recent additions and a random blog for those who like spontaneity. Of course, it has a search tool available should you want to find a blog by keyword.

It's an easy site to use and it has a lot of ways for you to discover new blogs of interest.

To submit your feed to Globe of Blogs, select New for submission type and then enter your blog title, URL, description, categories, author name, email, location, date of birth, gender and confirm whether you're 13 years and older.

Posted on June 12, 2006


Blog Resource ***DEAD

Blog Resource is a directory of blogs and podcasts. The blog directory is sorted by categories with the latest listings appearing below the categories. You can also click Popularity to get a list of the top 10 blogs for each category.

Discover new podcasts using the search tool, which also has advanced search options that narrows your results by selecting the search type and where to search. When browsing categories, you can sort by title, date, rating or popularity. The entries don't have their own detailed page, but you can get the description for each blog along with the number of hits, rating and the date of the last update.

Also available are articles and reviews on content management systems (CMS), hosted solutions, Web hosts, blog tools and more. The forums have discussions on blog resources, CMSes, hosted solutions, tools and software.


Posted on June 5, 2006 ***DEAD is a basic blog directory with blogs sorted into categories and subcategories. It also has a separate list for New Blogs, Hot Blogs and Top Rated Blogs. However, the Hot Blogs is currently empty and only two sites appear in the Top Rated list.

Its advanced search tool lets you specific a title, URL, description, category, contact name or Email. You can search by one item, some items or all items.

When you browse the directory, you'll come to a list of blogs from one of the lists or subcategories. These have thumbnail images of the blog along with a summary, hits, ratings and link to the blog's details. The detail page has a nice layout that's easy to scan. In addition to the basic information, it also has a chart of its ratings from Alexa and a list of the most recent entries. You can review any of the blogs by entering your review at the bottom of the blog's detail page.


Posted on May 29, 2006 is a community-based social networking site that allows bloggers from various blogs to submit their thoughts for discussion in Gabbr as well as their own blogs for cross-promotion and for the building of online communities. Gabbr also has a social bookmarking service, a public news aggregator, forums, games and a trade-up application for exchanging used games, toys and books.

When users register, they get access to more services including tagging, online networking, private messaging and media linking. You don't have to register to add your blog's feed to the site. But you do have a better chance of having your feeds seen if you join up. It wasn't easy to find the submitted feeds for a non-registered member.

When browsing tags or news items - which come from feeds and users - users can comment on the items. Exploring the site, you'll find a wealth of content to keep you busy for a long time.

To submit your feed to Gabbr, enter your blog's feed URL, tags and select the content type from the drop down list (weblog, podcast or vodcast).

Posted on May 22, 2006 ***DEAD is a quick reference for finding answers. The site attempts to be different from a search engine by providing details instead of just links when you search for something.

Enter a word or two into the search box, and the results display definitions, word-related information (thesaurus, antonyms, encyclopedia references and more depending on the searched word), categories, external links and translations. Or if you're not sure what you want, check out the subjects and see where the wind takes you.

You can change your preferences to show find as your type (words pop up while your typing) and to select which languages you wish to translate. no longer accepts blog or RSS feed submissions.

Posted on May 15, 2006 ***DONE directory contains only blogs, not just any site that has a feed. This simple directory lists many categories and subcategories on its home page. Select a category to see a list of subcategories and blogs listed in the category. To get to the list of blogs for the category, you need to scroll down past the ads.

Latest Links and Top Hits list blogs in each of these lists along with their titles, brief description and URL. When you click on these, it may look like there's no content. Again, scroll down to find the content. Not a fancy site, but worth submitting your blog as it's a growing directory.


Posted on May 8, 2006


Best of the Web Blogs

Best of the Web Blogs is a directory that spotlights the Web's premier destinations. A team of editors reviews all sites for quality, unique content, no broken links or pictures, running 24/7 and placed in the most relevant category.

The site has two main parts: Best of the Web and Best of the Web Blogs. The former focuses on Web sites in general while the latter is for blogs. The directory has high level categories so you're not going nutty trying to decide which one to explore or submit your blog under.

You can also search blog about your currently selected category in other blog directories including Yahoo! Google, Technorati, Feedster, Bloglines and Blogpulse by clicking on the search engine's name.

To submit your blog to Best of Web, review the three steps, choose a category, click on Add Blog and review the terms. Once you agree to the terms, complete the form to submit your blog.

Posted on May 3, 2006


Flookie ***DEAD

Flookie is a human-managed blog search directory to ensure the quality of the blog and that it's not unsavory. We've unfortunately seen many spam or junk blogs that look like they have original content when they don't. Flookie works to avoid having such blogs listed.

The directory also has a related blog with news, current events and personal stuff from the directory's author called Journal of Flookie. The directory has submission guidelines.

The author plans to add more features. Meanwhile, you can browse blogs by category or use its search box. When browsing blogs, clicking the title takes you straight to the blog's home page. It's a fast and easy directory to use.


Posted on April 24, 2006 ***DEAD is a blog exchange site where you get more traffic for your blog by checking out others in exchange. Like other blog exchange sites, you're required to register before you can enter your blogs and start surfing other blogs to get credit. You must view a blog for 20 seconds before getting credit and moving on to the next one.

Four boxes appear and you have to select the one that matches the color of the selected box before you move to the next blog. The selected box didn't appear in Firefox 1.5 on one computer, but it appeared on another with a different screen display setting.

You can randomly earn bonus credits while surfing. You don't have the option of bookmarking blogs you like or blocking the ones you don't want to see again. You can report a Web site that's inappropriate or doesn't follow BlogXchange's rules. While you're surfing blogs, you can select a category of blogs you wish to surf and you may or may not get blogs in that category.

Occasionally, the site holds a competition where you can try to win more credits. You can create up to three banners and 10 text ads to be shown on the site to other surfers as advertisement.


Posted on April 17, 2006


Blog Search

Blog Search is a simple blog search engine for finding blogs, adding yours or grabbing an RSS feed. You can also add Blog Search's most popular blog sites, most recent blog sites, or both lists by category to your blog by copying and pasting javascript into your blog.

Click on Blog Statistics to see a list of the 10 most popular and 10 most recent blogs. When you select a category, the results list total number of blogs in that category with a list of 15 per page. The list of blogs displays the name and a short description. Blog Search is quick and easy to use and comes in handy when you're looking for blogs covering a topic.

To submit your blog to Blog Search, register first. Once done, click Add New Sites and enter the blog's URL, title, description, keywords and category.

Posted on April 10, 2006



BlogMighty is a search engine and directory of blogs and blog-related sites. Use its advanced search engine to find links or articles by keywords or browse the top searches. You can also browse the directory by category, by newest sites, by most popular and random picks.

The site also has articles about blogging and accepts article submissions. You can browse articles by newest, most popular and top rated. Like the links, articles also have their own categories. The stats on the home page display the number of links, articles and the average ratings for both.

With free registration, you can manage your profile, track your favorites and subscribe to newsletters. At the bottom of the home page are six RSS feeds for the site's content.

To submit your feed to BlogMighty, you need to register for free. After you've successfully registered, go to Add in the links menu.

You can save time by letting a script read your metatags and let it fill in as much information as possible for you. Once it's done, you can review and edit the information. If your site is approved, it will show up in the directory within a day at the most.

Update: The site does not exist anymore.

Posted on April 3, 2006


Industry Blogs ***DEAD

Industry Blogs is a catalog of business blogs related to specific industries as opposed to blogs that are based on the blogger's wide range of interests including those that are industry-related. The directory requires subjective judgment for submission and the people behind it do their best to be fair.

Blogs are sorted by category with a number next to each indicating the number of blogs in the category. You can also search for blogs with the search tool. When viewing a category, each entry gets one or two lines of information with its URL and a short description. You can sort the blogs by hits or by alphabet.

Frequent visitors and those who just want to find a random blog can find new ones by clicking on Latest Links. This is a no-frills directory that aims to provide a listing of those specializing in specific industries.


Posted on March 27, 2006


Blog Advance ***DEAD

Blog Advance is a community in which bloggers surf other blogs in exchange for getting traffic to their own blogs. For each blog you surf, you get credits to allocate to your blog. You can also earn credits by clicking on sites or playing jackpot slots.

Meet others in the community through the forums and the tagboard (top menu on every page - opens in a new window). The tagboard is similar to a chat window. Discover blogs by checking out the Blog Directory. You can browse by category or use the search box.

To surf random blogs, click on Manual Surf from the Member Home page. You must view each blog for at least 30 seconds before clicking to move on to the next blog. You can open the blog outside of the frame by clicking Open Site and bookmark it with your browser since Blog Advance doesn't have a way to bookmark blogs from within its application.


Posted on March 20, 2006


BlogClicker ***DONE

BlogClicker is a blog traffic exchange where you get credit by visiting other members' sites. For every two blogs you view, one other blogger sees your blog. You can also earn credits through the weekly surf competition and the referral competition.

You can talk with others in the community through the messenger and tagger. You must view member blogs for at least 20 seconds to get credit before continuing to the next blog. While surfing member blogs, you can bookmark the blogs of the ones you like, view your stats through Options, leave Comments about the blog and check other links through Resources.

BlogClicker provides free tools you can use including free image hosting, stats counter and banner templates for creating your own banners. All of this is on the Account Overview page where you can also get a summary of your account.


Posted on March 14, 2006 ***DEAD is a huge resource with many guides providing information on topics of every kind. Its Computing and Technology: Weblogs guide has a weblogs resource where blogs are sorted by high level categories. Half of the categories are about blogging while the other half are the different types of blogs that aren't about blogging. Here's the list of category or theme.

The Weblogs guide has plenty of articles, how tos, tutorials and resources to help anyone start a new blog whether it's the first time or another blog. Blogs listed here could be found using About's search, but the site is gigantic that the chances are not great. The best way to find a blog is to look at the high level category list and work from there.

For example, the Technology & Computers Blogs category lists blogs that are sorted alphabetically, which you can change to Recent or Guide Picks. Each listing shows the title, link and a brief description. Just like the rest of About, when you go to the blog's site, About appears in the top frame. You can turn off the top frame so you can view the site. is no longer accepting blog submissions.

Posted on March 6, 2006


Blog Soldiers ***DONE

Blog Soldiers is a blog exchange site where others discover your blog in exchange for your viewing theirs. To start, register and enter your blogs. Then surf members' blogs so you can rack up credits. You view each blog for at least 20 seconds before moving on to the next one.

Another way to earn traffic is to get promoted. While surfing, your earn letters that spell out the name of the next rank. With a new rank, you earn credits, banner impressions and text links. Once in a while while you're surfing member blogs, you're surprised with free bonus credits.

While surfing sites, you can bookmark the blog, ignore the blog, report the site, go to your account or open the site in a new window without the Blog Soldiers frame.


Posted on February 27, 2006



Bloggeries is a paid blog directory that aims to help bloggers promote their own content and get more traffic. There are two ways to be listed inside Bloggeries: You can pay to have a featured link for $54.99/year or a one-time fee of $39.99 to be listed with a regular link.

To submit your blog to Bloggeries, you must register first and then provide the title, URL, RSS feed, description of your blog along with other personal data.

Click here to submit your blog to Bloggeries.

Posted on February 20, 2006


Blog Directory Submit ***DEAD

Blog Directory Submit is a new Atom / RSS feed directory with over 500 categories. The site wants to be a forum for news, stories, photos, and general networking. Blog Directory Submitaccepts only RSS Feeds and Atom XML feeds, but you can convert your feed at In the future, it hopes allow regular blog submissions.

Discover feeds by searching or browsing the new feeds, popular, random or check the home page, which displays the editor's pick and the top ten feeds. The feed profile contains Feed Comments, Additional Details, Editor Review, Printer Friendly Page and Send to a Friend links. The site is very young and doesn't have a wealth of content just yet.


Posted on February 13, 2006


Blogazoo ***DEAD

Blogazoo is a community-driven blogging tool where members read and comment on blogs. After registration, your account isn't activated until you've read 10 blogs. The more blogs you read, the more credits you get that can be used around the site. To read the first blog, click Surf. Then a set of numbers or colors appear on the bottom or top frame (after so much time passes) where you must click the matching number or color.

If you arrive on a site you like, you can Watch it. This adds the site to your watch list -- much like bookmarks. You can also read the site's profile or ban it. Blogazoo provides an original way to discover new sites while helping you build readers. Some features like banning a site require upgrading your account to Blogger Extreme for USD$10.

The community-focused site allows you to create a personal profile, post messages to other members, use the personality ranker tool, list feeds, and search the blog directory (known as Blogectory) by category or search. Blogazoo gives credit for making referrals and adding a banner. Click Profile to set your preferences including SafeSurf, which indicates the level of offensive sites you're willing to view.


Posted on February 6, 2006 is a blog directory to help you find blogs by language, country, keywords, categories even blog host and most popular. The language listing actually displays languages by the language's name along with its English name in parenthesis (for example, it displays Español (Spanish) (235)). The (235) indicates the number of blogs listed that are in Español.

Not only can you search for blogs by entering keywords into the search box, but also by browsing the keyword directory. Click a keyword or any item in the other directories to view a thumbnail list of blogs along with their title, brief description and other information.

Directory Statistics show the top ten items for each list. Click "see all" to view the statistics for all items in the selected list. This is a well-organized and easy to use directory that provides many ways to discover new blogs and makes it effortless to add yours.

To submit your feed to, enter your blog URL, title, author, email address, description, keywords, host, language, category, country and content rating (like movie ratings). You can update your blog after the initial entry per the instructions here.

Posted on January 30, 2006



BlogExplosion is a directory of over 32,000 blogs. You can see the top ten countries with blogs in its directory on the home page. Browse the directory by category or by country.

The category and country pages list thumbnail images along with a paragraph's worth of information for each entry. Members can rate and review blogs, "blogmark" site, add and view comments and more. Surfing member blogs is a great way to discover new blogs. One of the best features about surfing member blogs the frame displays the category for the blog you're currently viewing. I've yet to see any other sites with this feature.

If you register for the site, you can earn BlogExplosion credits, which you earn from completing different activities. For example, to ask a question in the Knowledge section costs five BlogExplosion credits. The section has member asked and answered questions covering a over ten categories including Review My Blog!, Fix My Blog! and General. You can use credits to promote your blog.

The site has many community-based features. Rent My Blog is for renting space on your blog and other blogs to gain more traffic. Another fun section is Battle of the Blogs in which members set up a challenge that involves wagering 10 to 100 credits. It's an opportunity to earn credits. BlogExplosion Blog Tools has a "Ping My Blog" tool for pinging a handful of directories. More about pinging here.

To submit your feed to BlogExplosion requires free registration. Once you register, click on Add/Edit Blogs from the My Blogs menu on the left. Once you enter the title, URL, category and site description; confirm it by following the on screen directions. You can also add a thumbnail, include the RSS feed and ping the blog.

Posted on January 19, 2006


BlogBiB ***DEAD

BlobBib is a human-edited blog directory with over 500 blogs and 150 categories. Discover blogs by clicking on New Blogs or Popular Blogs. These lists display the title, link, PageRank (PR) number, number of hits and a brief description. When clicking on the title, it opens the blog in a new window. You can resort the list to sort by PageRank, Hits, Alphabet or Submission Date.

The categories have numbers beside them to indicate the number of subcategories and blogs in the category (some blogs are listed in the top level category rather than a subcategory). The subcategories also have a number listing the blogs shown in the subcategory. BlogBiB is a clean and simple site that's easy to navigate.


Posted on January 16, 2006



FeedShot is a one-time blog submission service that manually submits your RSS feed to a collection of search engines and news services. By one-time, it means that it's not a pinging service that you ping every time your feed is updated. Rather, it means the site adds your feed to multiple sites instead of your going to each one to submit your blog. The service submits to nine sites for free or it can do more for a fee.

The site's FAQ explains the difference between its service and a pinging service like Ping-O-Matic. "Pingomatic alerts a large number of "ping" servers that your blog has been updated. Many of these ping servers require an initial, manual submission of your feed, which is what FeedShot takes care of."

There is no directory or listing of blogs. It's simply a submission service and nothing more. Once you submit a blog, the site displays a confirmation from each site. If any submission failed, click on the failed site's link and submit it there. We submitted seven blogs and not one failed. While we've submitted to most of the sites, it does have a few we had not submitted to till using FeedShot. The FeedShot Blog provides information and updates on the service.

To submit a feed to FeedShot for distribution, go to the FeedShot home page and enter your blog name, URL, feed URL and email address. Some sites require an email address. The submission page clearly states that the email is only used for submission and confirmation. It could take up to two minutes to process your request, but it only took about 20 seconds. If you have more than one blog, click on the Back button after the blog is processed and enter the new information (you won't have to enter your email address again as the form saves the information).

Posted on January 9, 2006



blogBunch is a simple category-based blog directory that also lists the most popular and latest entries. It doesn't have a search tool. To find blogs, select a category and then its subcategory to get a list of blogs sorted by title along with their brief description and the time they were last updated. Next to the entry is a thumbnail of the site.

Click on the blog's title to read all of its latest entries in one page. To view the entry on the blog's Web site, click on View Original Entry. Click on the date of the post to view the full entry.

To submit your feed to blogBunch, enter your name, email (for verification), name of feed, URL of feed and a description (optional).

Posted on January 3, 2006



RSS MAD is a collection of RSS feeds and a feed reader so you can read feeds from within the site. You can also view feeds through RSS MAD by entering the feed link on the Feed Reader page to get the latest entries for that feed appear and this page doesn't require registration. If you are registered, then you can immediately add the feed to "My Feeds" by clicking the related link.

Browse feeds by category or check out the 10 most popular and 10 recently added lists that appear on the right side. After selecting a category, the subcategories appear along with the number of blogs in each. Plus, the top-level category page lists random feeds and random articles from that category. RSS MAD has a search function.

Select a blog from the subcategory page to see the latest entries, date added, number of views, number of times it appears in someone's favorites, feed URL and a short description. The entries are displayed clearly and are easy to read. If an entry has an image, it appears on the feed details page.


Posted on December 27, 2005


Bulletize ***DEAD

Bulletize is a searchable blog directory with many categories and subcategories. As of this writing, there aren't many blogs listed. The site uses breadcrumb navigation while you're browsing the categories, so it's easy to move around the site. The site also has a search box for finding blogs by keywords.

Registration isn't required to use the site or add a blog, but it's available so you can customize features.


Posted on December 23, 2005


5 Star Blogs ***DEAD

5 Star Blogs is an online blog directory that lists blogs from all over the world. The site features ranking, statistics, reviewing and commenting for all blogs listed. Every month, a blog is featured as the Blog of the Month. Discover new blogs through the top ten blogs and recently added blogs lists that appear on the home page along with categories.

The site uses different colored folder icons to represent the status of the blog or category. Green means updated today, blue is updated this week and orange is over a week since the last update. The search form comes with keyword, field and directory search options. If you browse by categories, you can see how many entries a category has as all of them have a number next to their names. An entry contains a thumbnail image of the blog, title, description, country, number of views, number of visits, rating and link.

It also comes with ranking, statistics, reviewing and commenting features as well as screenshots of all the blogs listed here. The site was formerly known as devblogs.


Posted on December 15, 2005



TheVital.Net is a well-categorized blog and news search directory that's searchable. All entries are manually reviewed to ensure quality. Either enter keywords into the search box or select a category to browse. The category page lists subcategories and the number of blogs in each are shown in parenthesis. The list of sites appear with the title and a brief description. Click on the title to go to the entry's Web site.

To submit your feed to find the right category for the feed and click on Add Your Blog to This Category. If you can't find a suitable category, please choose the closest matching category and make a new category suggestion in the submission form. Enter the title, description, URL, first name, last name and reciprocal link.

Posted on December 13, 2005


BlogFlux Directory

BlogFlux is a directory of blogs that can be searched by tags, categories, country, language and groups. Blog Flux was created as the spiritual successor to the Eatonweb Portal (#35). The Portal, in its heyday, had been the best blog directory - lots of information, and a whote lot of user reviews. Unfortunately, as the site grew, the original webmaster was unable to keep the site up and running properly. BlogFlux targets itself as a portal for all your blogging needs including the directory, button maker and more.

Over 5300 blogs are listed and every one of them is manually checked on a weekly basis. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to find the browsing tool that best fits your needs. Stay up to day on BlogFlux activities through its blog. An excellent and fast-growing resource.

To submit your feed to BlogFlux, you need to register first. After that, you just have to enter your blog name, URL (not RSS feed), and select a maximum of 10 categories where your blog best fits. It has other fields you can enter, but they're not required.

- Update - Aug. 20th 2006 - I have received reports of misconduct and non ethical behaviour on the part of this blog directory and of its sister site 35) Eaton Web - following the unpleasing news and frustrating events that some users have had to go through I must at this point advise users not to support this service.
(Robin Good)

Posted on December 7, 2005


Blogsweet ***DEAD

BlogSweet is a human-edited blog directory organized by categories and sub-categories. Enter keywords into the search box and search for a blog by category. The latest blogs added to the directory appear on the home page as well as in each category. You can suggest a category for adding to the directory. Each entry appears with its title and a description.


Posted on December 5, 2005


Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search is a search engine that searches only blogs so you don't have to deal with the clutter of having non-blogs in your search results. Enter keywords and the results page not only displays blogs that have the keywords, but also shows a short list of related blogs. The difference is that the keyword doesn't simply appear in an entry. The related blogs tend to be blogs about the keyword.

Search results are sorted by relevance, but can be changed to sort by date. To improve your search results, click on the Advanced Blog Search link that appears next to the search button and modify it to your needs. Preferences lets you select the interface language, limit searches to selected languages, change the Safe Search filtering option, increase the number of results that appear on each page and a toggle to open the research in a new window.

There is no submission page. Google Blog Search finds blogs by checking their feeds as explained here. As long as your blog has pings an updating service, it should get included in Google Blog Search.

You can get an "Add to Google" button for your site to make it easier for people to discover your feed or module and quickly add content right to their Google homepage or Google Reader.

Posted on November 30, 2005


Blog Top Sites

Blog Top Sites is a directory of top sites based on ratings. Ranking is based on the number of unique visits the blog receives every week. The folks behind the site ensure there is no cheating and they do manual checks. For the sake of fairness every blog is reset to zero at the start of the week. You can see the dates of the last and next resets at the top of the Web site.

Blogs are rated by category as well for all entries. The ranking pages display thumbnails of the blogs, their titles, descriptions and stats. Select one to view more details, rate it, post a comment or email the site to a friend. You only have to register with the site if you wish to submit a blog, but it's not required for voting or commenting.

This site is a great way to discover quality blogs, but of course, it's not a complete list because of the requirements involved with submitting a blog. Popular blogs are unlikely to make the effort; however, the top blogs on the site look like good ones.

To submit a blog requires free registration and adding the ranking HTML to your blog. Start by adding your blog here. Once you agree with the rules, complete the registration form. You immediately receive an email with the code to put in your blog. Once you've registered, you can add more sites and get the HTML code from within the Control Panel.

Posted on November 28, 2005


FindingBlog ***DEAD

FindingBlog is a blog directory with blogs sorted by category. The easy to use interface not only lets you browse categories, but also check the New Blogs, Hot Blogs and Top Rated blogs. The New Blogs list displays the new blogs by category. Hot Blogs and Top Rated display the blogs sorted by category along with their ratings. Each entry contains a title, URL, description, category, date added, rate it feature and links to write a review, add to your favorites, refer it to a friend, report broken link.

FindingBlog has a forum for discussing blog development, promotion, news, critiques and other general topics. The home page provides directory statistics including the number of blogs and categories included. Registration isn't required to submit a blog, but it allows you to bookmark blogs and post reviews.


Posted on November 22, 2005


The House of Blogs ***DEAD

The House of Blogs is a directory of blog articles / entries sorted into categories. Its main language is Spanish, but the site has an English version. Though it shows it has French, German, Italian and Portuguese versions, they're not available yet and the site says they will be available soon. The site has an RSS feed for keeping up with its latest article updates.

The home page displays the latest articles and a summary of each along with a list of the last 100 articles. When browsing a category, a list of entries appears as opposed to a list of blogs. The blog name is in the () next to the entry title. Click on More... to see the full article. A comments form in Spanish appears below the article. If you wish to comment, it's asking for your name, URL, email address, comment and a security check (It asks "How much is... ?" complete the calculation for the answer).


Posted on November 18, 2005


FeedPark ***DEAD

FeedPark is a human edited Web feeds directory and search engine. Feeds are organized by categories and there is a separate directory for personal Web feeds, which cover personal blogs and feeds categorized by region. Discover new feeds through the Most Popular Webfeeds and Recently Added Feeds lists or use the search box.

Browsing the directory is similar to browsing Yahoo's directory structure. The top level page of the category contains its description. The number of entries appear next to the subcategories, so you know whether or not there are entries. The details for each entry include title, author, description, screen shot, language, latest headlines along with the date posted, preview link and subscription links. If you can't find what you're looking for through browsing and searching, try looking in the Similar Categories section near the bottom of the category page.

To submit your feed to FeedPark, find the right category for the feed and click on Submit Feed Here. Enter the URL of the feed and click Submit. You can also enter the owner or organization behind the feed, but it's not required.


Posted on November 14, 2005



Blogoriffic is a blog directory and blogger network community. Not only can you add and search blogs, but also you can connect with others. After registering for a free account, you can create a profile, add an image or avatar, add bloggies (buddies), keep a list of favorite blogs and invite others to join.

There are many ways to find blogs as well as meet other "bloggies" on the network. The home page, for instance, shows the latest blogs, featured blog, featured blogger, top blogs, latest bloggers and the blog directory so you can browse for blogs by category. You can add these blogs or bloggies to your favorites from these lists. Each blog has a detailed page with all the information entered when submitting a blog plus number of times viewed, number of hits, recent posts, comments and a list of other blogs by the bloggie, if any.

To submit your feed to Blogoriffic, enter your email address, name, create a password (you're registering as it's required to submit a blog), country, blog URL, title, description, feed URL (optional) and language. After you submit your first entry, you can add more from within your account. When you add the next one, category doesn't appear. To assign a category, go to My Blog, click Edit Blog, click Change Category and then select the category.

Posted on November 10, 2005


FeedPub ***DEAD

FeedPub is a categorized directory of blogs. You can browse by category or you can enter a URL or keywords into the search tool. Top Rated and New Links, of course, display the blogs that have received the best ratings or have recently been added. The results page neatly organizes the entries and provides a title, link to its site, description, popularity scale and comments.


Posted on November 7, 2005


Feeds2Read ***DEAD

Feeds2Read is a feed search engine and RSS directory with five categories including computer, media, miscellaneous, news, and programming. The categories have subcategories. After clicking on one, 10 feeds appear at a time and they can be sorted by date, URL and language. Every entry includes a title, short description, URL, copyright, date added, language and the feed link.

While viewing a feed's info, you can get the feed for your site, modify the colors to your preference and then simply copy and paste the code on your Web site. Another interesting feature is Try Custom Feed. It gives you the opportunity to enter a feed's URL, submit it and read it. Feeds2Read has a search box for entering keywords. The home page also lists the latest news, latest flows and randomly selected feeds.


Posted on November 3, 2005


RSS Top55 updates and new entries - RSS feed RSSTop55 - Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites

Where to submit your RSS feeds and Weblogs

(Please feel free to signal me of new emerging directories and search engines by using the Comments area at the bottom of this article or by notifying me at Robin.Good[at] I will be happy to reward leads pointing to new submission resources with a complimentary copy of the RSSTop55 Premium Version.

You can also use Trackback to post directly to this page.

The RSSTop55 Premium is a ranked and sorted version of the RSSTop55 which also includes a unique a small set of innovative complementary tactics and personally selected resources to further increase your RSS-based content exposure and visibility online.
The RSSTop55 Premium) is available now.





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