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FeedFury is a place on the internet where you can submit your RSS feeds, manage them, and also browse other people's feeds, and search through them. It features more than nine thousand feeds, divided in 52 categories, and which produce more than six million pages.

FeedFury allows you also to post your personal RSS feeds: you can post your feed by deciding a category and pasting the feed's URL or you can register to FeedFury and get your own "My Feeds" page where you can browse and edit your feeds.

The site also has a Top 100 section both for the single entries, and the whole feeds, basing on the views a single item has.

Submit your feed to FeedFury.

Posted on October 22, 2007


RSS Micro

RSS Micro is an online RSS feed search engine with more than 65 million feeds, blog posts, and news articles that you can browse and search into. Browsing between the feeds is really simple as you just have to pick between categories and sub-categories to find what you are looking for. Else, if you want to search for something manually, you can look for any word and decide whether to search into the feeds, the articles, or the news, and sort the results by ranking or date-added.

To post your feed, you just have to click the "Submit feed button" from the home page, and provide your name, email address (optional), and URL feed. The RSS Micro's team will then review your submission and decide whether to include your feed or not. No registration is needed.

Submit your feed to RSS Micro by clicking on the link on the right top of the page, and completing the form

Posted on October 5, 2007


Blog Search ***DEAD

Blog Search is an RSS feeds search engine featuring more than 10000 blogs, and growing every day. You can search for specific keywords or browse the blog categories to find what you are looking for.

To add your blog, you just need to register for a free account, providing you name and email address, and you can start adding all of your blog feeds from the "Blog Submission" page. Then you will be asked for the blog's URL, title, description, keywords, and category. Finally, click the "Add Blog Site" button and you're done.

To submit your feed to Blog Search, just register, click "Blog Submission" and follow the instructions. You can add multiple blogs with one account and edit them in the future.


Posted on September 18, 2007



ItsMyNews provides a personalized online content for news and online news community. Select from 50,000 media sources - newspapers, magazines, blogs, TV and radio, and more - to build your ItsMyNews page, which automatically updates on a regular basis. ItsMyNews collects news in text, photo, sound, and video format.

You don't have to register, but you need to register if you want to personalize your news and access your personalized page from anywhere. The easiest way to get start is to click "Add Content to this tab" or "Add a tab" and choose the news you want. You can move boxes, collect news on personalized, rate stories, leave comments, and more.

To read a story, click the headline. If you need further help, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions by clicking "User Guide" since there isn't a direct link to the guide. You can also enter your zip code for personalized local news and weather reports. You can move and change the columns, boxes and layout. If you want email alerts, the feature is also available.

To submit your feed to ItsMyNews, click "Add Content to This Tab" and select "Add Your Own" from the submenu. Add your URL feed or import your OPML file.

Posted on August 20, 2007



The MillionRSS project aims to promote general RSS promotion of feeds to the masses, to provide a place to browse feeds for popular categories of sites, to help out the little guys (and big guys too) - this is all about the long tail, to provide a single page for any blog or RSS feed out there with another home on the web to promote their content for free and to provide Link Love.

MillionRSS today provides includes a description, an image and a collection of post titles for each blog. Clicking post titles to go to the original website to access the content gathered in the feed. The site provides a wealth of content, and whether you are looking for web feeds for professional or personal reasons, you will find plenty of relevant blog posts in your area of interest.

After selecting a category, you browse content based on popularity, as voted for by other site visitors. You can instantly subscribe to any that take your interest by clicking on a large blue RSS icon. This will open the feed in a new window, so you can subscribe with a click.

If you enjoy a feed and want to promote its ranking, click the Digg-like 'Bump it!' button to add one to the current score of the feed. This applies within each separate category, as well as the 'all categories' section on the MillionRSS homepage.

To submit your feed to MillionRSS, complete the form.

Posted on July 17, 2007



9rules is a community of blogs. The site contains over 30 communities grouped by topics. 9 rules comes from the rules behind the site as listed in the about page.

The site has two main areas: Our Choices and Your Choices. Our Choices brings readers content from the select member pages. This section also contains 9rules Live ( a reader community), 9rules Member Site Profiles (profiles of selected members) and 9rules Topics for finding popular topics.

9rules has two memberships: Members and Users. Only a select few get to become Members, where their sites are in the "Our Choices" section. 9rules opens the application process on occasion.

"Your Choices" is what makes up your my.9rules page that consists of your favorite 9 rules members or users, content from, Delicious and Flickr, your site entries, Friends, Favorites and Notes. You can add your blog in "Your Choices" and share it with your network while waiting for open season for applying to join the 9rules community as a member.

To submit your feed to 9rules, complete the form register and then add your blog to your profile.

Posted on June 25, 2007



NewsNow monitors news in 22 languages from various online publications, including international, national and regional titles, newswires, magazines, press releases and online news sources spanning 139 countries. Notice the REG and SUB icons, which indicate if something requires registration and whether the site registration is free (REG) or a pay-to-register site (SUB).

The well-organized home page lets you do single word headline searches, choose a news feed from a topic and browse the latest feeds from a handful of topics. The numbers that appear next to the topics in "Choose a Newsfeed" list the number of subtopics in the topic. If you don't want to select a subtopic, just click the arrow to view the latest news for that topic.

NewsNow Live Feed displays the latest live feeds using a color key for quickly identifying the topic. When clicking a headline of interest, NewsFeed sends you to the site to read the full article. Release Wire contains the latest press releases.

NewsNow no longer accepts RSS submissions.

Posted on June 4, 2007


Strategicboard ***DEAD

Strategicboard acts like a search engine for blogs and online news with a network of over 300,000 blogs and news feeds from around the world. The site has editorial techniques and automated processes in place to exclude spammers from its search engines.

Strategicboard also invites users to report suspicious blogs using the "Report splog!" link that appears next to your search results. The home page lists the top blog posts along with blogs linking to the post. Dudu Mimram's blog provides insights and news regarding Strategicboard.

Each post comes with "related" links to blogs and posts related to the post. On the right side appears the most liked posts. You can also find blogs and posts of interest with the search tool.


Posted on May 28, 2007


Genwi ***DEAD

Genwi is a resource that pulls together user-contributed RSS feeds in all media formats to help its users find and subscribe to Web content and create personalized content pages. Users can browse for content from blogs, podcasts, videos and other resources. The personal page displays their preferred media feeds and their friends shared content.

Just click the Share It button next to each entry to quickly and easily share the selected information with friends without sending e-mail. The more times users share an item, the higher it rises in the Genwi rankings for possible placement in the sites home page highlights or tabbed media listings. Viewing and sharing frequency also affect the sites search engine rankings, providing an additional user-based filter to increase browsing efficiency.

You don't have to register to discover new blogs, but registration is needed if you want to submit feeds, personalize your page and subscribe to blogs and other media through Genwi.


Posted on May 21, 2007



Mobispine is a free mobile feed browser that lets you stay up to date with news, entertainment and your friends' blogs through the Web site or a mobile device. To use Mobispine with a mobile device, you need a mobile phone that accepts Java MIDP2.0, and a GPRS, 3G or WiFi connected phone. Mobispine provides a list of compatible devices.

You can use the search function to find public blogs or access blogs through Mobispine contacts. Mobispine also lets you publish a blog either through your phone or PC. Go to and log in, then choose "go to my blog" and update your blog from there.

Charges for using Mobispine on your mobile device depend on your mobile provider's plan. The site also displays the latest, most popular and highest rated feeds. You can rate feeds, view the site in English or Svenska, and read feeds on a PC or compatible mobile device.

To submit your feed to Mobispine, enter your blog's feed into the box on the home page. After entering your feed, you'll see how it will typically appear in mobile interface.

Posted on May 14, 2007



*** DEAD ***
Spotplex provides real-time ranking of blog articles based on actual impression count. The site doesn't list articles people recommended or voted for, but rather lists articles read the most in a given timeframe. Though focused on articles, the site has blog standings showing the top blogs in a 24-hour period. Blog articles are grouped by categories and tags.

Bloggers copy and paste code from Spotplex into their blogs and can track and analyze their blog traffic with the code's help. They learn how many people visit the blog, which articles people read most and how many people read them. Whenever an article of the blog is read, it will show up at Spotplex in real-time and get noticed by Spotplex users.

Spotplex also has a customizable widget where you select the features you want and then paste the code on a web site where the widget displays popular articles, latest articles and new articles from your own blog or from the Spotplex community.

To submit your feed to Spotplex, requires joining Spotplex and posting code in your blog. When a reader reads an article in your blog, the code notifies Spotplex and the article appears on Spotplex with a view counter reflecting the change. Currently, registration is by invitation only. However, if you enter your email address on the "Get your Spotplex code" page (no direct link) and the site will notify you when it's out of beta and accepting new entries.

Posted on April 23, 2007


DayTimeNews ***DEAD is an RSS feed directory and search engine that searches all feeds, not just blog feeds. The site has a search tool, topics in the tag cloud box and items in the RSS News Directory list for discovering what you seek. DayTimeNews also shows featured feeds, popular feeds and the most recently updated feeds.

Submitted feeds receive a static HTML page containing the feed title, description, a link to the homepage, and the 10 latest RSS items. DayTimeNews keeps the HTML page fresh by polling feeds periodically for new content.

The site has some default template text showing, such as "Put your text here," but it's a good spot for adding your feeds.


Posted on April 16, 2007



Feedage is a categorized and searchable RSS directory. Feedage's Myfeedage allows users to create personalized groups of feeds. These groups can be shared with other users and can also be exported as an OPML file for importing into your RSS reader.

When you submit your own feeds and favorite feeds, you can view the list in My Feeds and sort them in various ways. My Groups and My Feedage work similarly. You can also find new feeds by browsing the categories, using the search tool or relying on the Groups and FeedZones.

The Home page lists the featured feeds, most popular feeds and most recently submitted feeds. The simple and clean interface makes it easy for the user to find his or her way around the Web site.

To submit your feed to Feedage, sign up free. Then go to Submit your feed and enter the URL of the feed. Preview the feed before submitting it into the directory. Once added to Feedage, the categorizer will assign the feed to the appropriate categories.

Posted on April 2, 2007


myFeedz ***DEAD

myFeedz calls itself a social newspaper because myFeedz helps people find what's important from the sea of information out there and shows you what you need to read. myFeedz learns what you like and serves feeds related to your interests. The site isn't an online RSS reader even though news are tracked through RSS feeds.

By learning what people like and what news are most linked or referenced, myFeedz improves its ability to personalize the service for all users. The site determines an article's importance by looking at the article's source, tags, popularity, rating, language and more. Your profile, which includes tags, feeds and reading history is also taken into account to determine how important that article is for you.

The FAQ explains feeds, tags, tag clouds and other common questions regarding feeds. The feeds page lists the top 100 feeds in myFeedz based on the number of subscribers. The tags page also gives the user a visual overview of the more popular tags.


Posted on March 26, 2007



Feedbase is a database of feeds that are automatically validated through Feed Validator. At first glance, you might think Feedbase is a paid listing database, but the top list is the list of sponsors. The site doesn't charge for a regular listing.

The basic search tool is simple. Just enter the keywords and the results instantly appear below the search box. Those wanting advanced search features also search by language, feed type, enclosure feeds and select the order the results should appear.

To submit your feed to Feedbase, simply enter your feed's URL and that's it. If the feed already exists, Feedbase lets you view the details. If the feed is invalid, Feedbase provides a link to Feed Validator where you can view the validation errors.

Posted on March 12, 2007


RSS Network

RSS Network is a categorized directory and search engine for finding RSS feeds by topic. The site groups related feeds by topic, but visitors can also do keyword searches. RSS Network also lets users search keywords in an entry's contents or limit the search to the feed's title and description.

The search engine also allows users to search for all words, any words and phrases. The well-organized results page (in spite of the ads mucking things up a little) lets you view the feed's contents in HTML or XML format, or click URL to go to the feed's Web site. The results page also displays the title and description for the feed. RSS Network comes from the same creators behind FeedForAll, a tool for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds.

To submit your feed to RSS Network, simply enter the feed URL, category and subcategory. After entering your feed, RSS Network immediately displays information about the feed and the latest items.

Posted on February 26, 2007


BlogSiteZone ***DEAD

BlogSiteZone is a human-edited blog directory organized by categories. The site neatly organizes the categories and indicates the number of blogs in each one. BlogSiteZone offers new listings, most popular listings and top rated sites.

The listings pages contain a thumbnail of the blog along with its description, category and added date. Visitors can rate and review the site and report errors with a blog entry. The details page doesn't provide much more information other than who submitted the site. The site's layout and content make it easy to navigate, scan and use.


Posted on February 19, 2007


News on Feeds ***DEAD

News on Feeds provides the latest news from sources around the world. The site tracks and aggregates news feeds into categories and arranges them by their published dates.

Search the directory through the top level categories and their sub-categories. All categories and sub-categories, have feeds available. The site also has a search tool, which not only lets you sort by date, but also by relevance. For a surprise, click Random News on the bottom of the web page and the site sends you to a random article on another web site.

Another useful resource is the list of aggregators sorted by type, i.e. web-based, email and mobile devices. The unusual category of Odd News is a fun read.

To submit your feed to News on Feeds, simply enter your blog's feed. If you have an OPML file with all of your feeds, you can submit the file instead.


Posted on January 29, 2007


BlogToplist is a blog directory sorted by the score each blog earns during the week. The list resets to zero when the week starts over (Monday 00:00 CMT), so new blogs have a chance to get to the top.

Here is how the scoring works: 50 percent of the score each blog get comes from the votes that are sent from the blog. 35 percent of the score comes from the amount of visitors the blog has and the last 15 percent comes from the rating that the readers provide through BlogToplist's list. The blogs ranked at the top are the best, most visited or receives the most votes from its readers.

The site offers many ways to discover new blogs and entries through its directory, which sorts blogs by category. Or you can view all the blogs by rank regardless of category. Each blog comes with statistics including unique visitors, incoming links and outgoing links. One of Blog Toplist's unique features is RSS articles, which lets you browse articles by topic. This is a great way to find articles about a topic of interest rather than be limited to blogs of the topic.

To submit your feed to Blog Toplist, read the information on how Blog Toplist works before completing the form. Though the RSS feed is an optional field, it's recommended to fill it in. After registering your blog, you receive a HTML code in the form of a small button to put on your blog. This button tracks unique visitors to the blog and displays will your blog's current rank in your category if you're in top 99.

Posted on January 22, 2007



Photarium, a directory of blogs, sorts blogs by tags as submitted by blog owners to ensure accurate categorizing. The people behind the site review all entries to filter out the spam blogs and only let in good quality sites.

This site keeps things simple by displaying a list of the most popular tags. The larger the category or tag text, the more popular it is. You can also browse blogs by reviewing the complete tag list or check out the recently added blogs. Category / tag pages list blogs along with their description and three tags.

To submit your feed to Photarium, enter your blog's URL, site title, three tags, a description and your email address. No registration needed. After submitting your blog, an editor reviews your site for submission.

Posted on January 15, 2007


Outpost Earth ***DEAD

Outpost Earth collects the latest updates from bloggers around the world. The site lets visitors browse blogs by location or topic to discover what people are talking about in your area.

Most of the locations that appear in the list are major cities in the United States and a handful of countries. If you don't hail from any of these locations, pick Earth. Once you pick a location or a topic, the site serves you with the latest entries.

The home page lists the newest entries from all areas as well as the latest three entries from several topics (at the bottom). Outpost Earth is a simple site that focuses on only the latest content, so you won't get overwhelmed with too much information.


Posted on January 9, 2007 ***DEAD delivers the news that people are most interested in by gathering, filtering and ranking news articles based on human interactions (page views, recommendations, favorites, etc.). Newgie uses the attention given to each news story by its readers to determine which stories are the most “newsy.”

News still comes from the same reputable news sources that people are accustomed to using, but rather than viewing news as pre-packaged by the media, Newgie users view their news based on its “newsiness,” as determined by their peers. The database is coninuously updated with news stories from many news providers. Users have the ability to sort through these news articles using a variety of Newgie's tools. The IntelliRank-powered Newsiness score helps users locate the most relevant and important articles. provides a variety of ways to browse news and content. The At a Glance (home page) gives you an overview of most newsiness news, categories, community and feeds. Since the site relies on user interactions, registration is required to customize your preferences. The site allows unregistered users to access basic tools. About Newgie and frequently asked questions provide more details on how the free site works.


Posted on December 11, 2006



BlogAnnounce is a human edited blog directory that lists family friendly and spam free blogs organized by category. The people behind the directory have rules and procedures in place to prevent spam blogs from being listed.

Explore new blogs by checking out the Latest Links and Top Hits pages, both of which provide a brief description for each blog to facilitate quick scanning. The directory also includes a search box and entries can be sorted by hits or in alphabetical order.

Get tips on how to get blog traffic with blog directories in SEO Tips or try SEO Tools so you can identify your web site's keyword density, find out what sites link back to yours and learn your site's ranking with several search engines. BlogAnnounce also has a Google Groups page to answer questions and get feedback.

To submit your feed to BlogAnnounce, enter your blog title, URL, description, your name, email address and category. After the submission gets processed, you should receive a confirmation on the top of the page. Leave the "Reciprocal Link URL" blank if you haven't place a button or text link pointing to BlogAnnounce. However, the confirmation note says the site requires reciprocal links due to the large amount of spam the directory receives.

Posted on November 29, 2006


moQvo ***DEAD

moQvo is a social media center that allows you to add web sites and feeds that aren't already in the directory. Find content on the site by browsing the Channels in the Content Categories bar on the left side. After choosing a Channel, there’s more choices under the Shows tab. Once you see a Show that matches your interests, click on it to view a list of Episodes with descriptions of the content. Then select View or Listen, to experience the content you want.

You can also search for content by name by clicking the Search tab at the top of the screen. Type in what you’re looking for, click search, and browse the content that matches your request. It takes time for the search to run, but you know it's running when you see "Searching" at the bottom of the box. View takes you to the content and Share with friends.

moQvo provides frequently asked questions for more information and help. Be patient with the site as it takes time to load content. The site doesn't work well in Firefox and works better in Internet Explorer.


Posted on November 13, 2006



The Golden RSS Feed puts a spin on RSS feed to give users a chance to create traffic. Advertisers bid on spots within the feed and compete for a higher rank. The frequently asked questions page explains this process in detail. There's no charge for submitting a blog feed, however.

The Golden RSS Feed shows only the top paying sites. But you can find sites of interest using the site's search box or viewing all feeds. The site also has a list of the most popular blogs. Each entry has its own detail page that contains its release date, link, last view and refresh, page reviews, user comments and the ability to save the feed to your favorite tool or application.

To submit your feed to GoldenFeed, just enter your blog's URL or feed and it's immediately submitted for review. You can only submit up to three feeds per day.

Posted on October 30, 2006


Feed Mailer

Feed Mailer is an RSS subscription directory that sends feed updates to readers by email. Select the feeds you want and Feed Mailer emails updates on those selected feeds. Updates can go out every hour, daily or weekly. You can also select the number of items (blog entries) you want to receive. Its Global Directory holds over 1000 feeds.

You can browse the directory by category including podcasts and non-English feeds. The directory lists blogs with the option to add them to your account. There are no details available for each entry. Find feeds with the Global Directory's search box. To add new feeds requires free registration and adding them to your account. Once you've added the feed, you can delete the feed and it remains in the directory.

More information is available from the frequently asked questions page and the news page keeps you updated on the web site's changes and problems.

To submit your feed to Feed Mailer requires free registration. Once registered, you can add feeds by entering their URL. If you want to receive the feed by email, also select the frequency and the number of items (blog entries). The default for receiving a feed is daily with 10 items. You can change these options any time.

Posted on October 23, 2006


Tailrank ***DEAD

Tailrank is a memetracker which finds the most popular posts from thousands of blogs. Tailrank looks at linking behavior, the entry's content, links in common with other users, search relevance and other factors.

Tailrank's blog covers product direction, feature releases and other Tailrank news. The site also has a mobile edition for those on the go with cell phone and small devices. Just create an account, import your OPML, and then you can read it on your mobile device.

Tailrank filter lets you view recommended posts within your blog subscriptions filtered by ranking. This saves time in scouring hundreds of feeds as Tailrank lists thousands of posts every week. The site also offers tools to help users.


Posted on October 9, 2006


HappyFish ***DEAD

HappyFish is an RSS reader, podcast client and feed directory. HappyFish mainly provides software for you to download and add feeds. But it does have a growing directory in which you can download feeds by subject.

Read an overview of Happy Fish and check out its frequently asked questions. Here are screenshots of HappyFish's RSS reader and podcast client. Download the client -- beware it requires installing the free .NET Framework. The site explains how to do that.

The forums discuss bugs, feature requests and general comments.


Posted on September 25, 2006


Free Feeds Directory

Free Feeds Directory is a basic feeds directory with links to RSS-related sites and their feeds as well as to sites that have feeds including blogs, business and retail sites and more. Check out the latest links to see the most recently submitted links and a description of each. The links take you straight to their respective feeds.

Top Hits just like it sounds, provides a list of the most popular links of sites listed on Free Feeds Directory. A search box appears on the top right-hand side of every page for quickly entering keywords to search for feeds.

To submit your feed to Free Feeds Directory, you must submit the link to the feed instead of the web page. Enter your blog's title, link, name, email and select a category. You can add a description, if you wish -- it's not required.

Posted on September 11, 2006



UncleFeed is a resource for RSS technology. The site provides a RSS directory for finding feeds by category, a forum for discussing RSS, articles and a list of software tools. Its sister site, YeahReader offers free program for reading news feeds in RSS, RDF and Atom formats and podcasts.

When searching for feeds, the site produces the matches in a column layout along with the search keywords highlighted. You see the title, category, description and date updated (probably when added to the directory) for each entry. The title takes you to the entry's detailed page. The site is well-organized, clean and easy to use.

To add your website or blog to UncleFeed, you only need to submit the URL of your RSS feed and select a category where your site would fit.

Click here to submit your feed to UncleFeed.

Posted on September 4, 2006 ***DEAD is a basic portal for feeds sorted by categories. lists recent and popular feeds. Select a category to view the feeds sorted by hits. You can change it to sort alphabetically. Every entry comes with its feed link, a brief description and links to add the entry to Google, MSN or Yahoo. The link on the name of the site takes you to the feed, not to the site's web page or to its own entry. has no bells or whistles. The portal is just a simple directory listing along with links to feeds.


Posted on August 28, 2006


Wikology ***DEAD

Wikology is a wiki-based business and web site directory. Think of Wikology as Wikipedia meets Chamber of Commerce. The site lists business blogs, web sites and profiles. The business profiles contain information on the business such as the date fonded, number of employees, industry (category), annual revenue and organization type. How much information provided depends on how much information is entered.

Since Wikology is a wiki, visitors can edit almost anything on the site. But you have to be a registered user before saving changes. This ensures no one abuses the editing privileges.

Wikology has a category for blogs and its own blog, Inside Wikology, provides the latest news regarding its directory.


Posted on August 21, 2006


Ranking Blogs is a directory of sites by ranking. A blog's worth is based on the number of unique and average hits the blog receives since the last reset (no information on how often the blogs are reset).

Blogs are rated by category as well for overall rankings. Every listed blog receives direct links and dedicated individual pages that contain statistics, a description and other information. You only have to register with the site if you wish to submit a blog, but it's not required for rating and reviewing sites.

Discover blogs by browsing the category, using the search tool or reviewing the top ranked blogs. The search tool allows you to search in all categories or specific categories.

To submit a blog requires free registration and adding the ranking HTML to your blog. The form requires providing your email address along with the usual blog information.

Posted on August 7, 2006


Octora ***DEAD

Octora is a resource for grabbing live content feeds to add to your web site or to find blogs through its search tool. No sign up is required to use search, which provides a list of related results with links to the feeds. When you click an item, a pop-up box appears (turn off pop-up blocker to get the full benefit from the site) with the the blog's home page, the more recent blog entries and many feed subscription links. If you use Pluck, NewsBlog, Bloglines and so on, you can subscribe to the feed with a click.

Click Deep Search to find more results where the keyword may not appear in the feed title or URL. You can limit your results to keywords that appear in the feed title or feed URL. URL Search filters the results to show sites that have your keyword in the URL. The results page also lists the most popular keyword searches.

Registration is for those who want to use the My Feedbox feature. The site also has a blog providing updates.


Posted on July 31, 2006


iBlog Business

iBlog Business is a business blog directory operated by businesses or corporations. Businesses are sorted into a handful of subjects and 90 categories that fall under the subjects. The directory makes it easy to discover newly added links on its new links page and on its home page.

The search tool provides a summary of each blog that appears in the search results along with a link to the category, so you can explore more blogs within that category. You can check out the popular and top rated (empty as of this writing) blogs.

iBlog Business offers a newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

To submit your feed to iBlog Business, review the criteria before submitting your blog. If you agree with the guidelines, then enter your your blog title, URL, category, description, contact name and email. You'll receive an email when your link has been validated.

Posted on July 27, 2006


Gnoos ***DEAD

Gnoos is a search engine with a focus on providing Australians with the latest online information. Though Gnoos gives Aussie resources priority, the site accepts non-Aussie blogs. Plus, the search tool can search by region -- Australia, the world, or both. The home page provides a list of the top five searches and top tags long with the latest updates in Aussie blogs, Aussie media and global blogs.

In the search tool, you can search by keywords and the blog's name. Help provides more details on how to use Gnoos and has a couple of screen shots showing you what each of the items in the results mean. The search results include individual posts, not just the blog.

You can leave comments about an entry, vote on the entry, and add tags to the entry to help improve Gnoos' search results. Since the search results display individual entries, you can see entries from one blog by clicking on the blog's title. The search engine is simple and has a clean interface.


Posted on July 17, 2006 Blogs and Feeds|pg:1 is a search tool that finds answers. The site has added a separate section for blogs and feeds that searches blogs by way of Bloglines. Therefore, all blogs submitted to Bloglines are included in's blog search.

The search results page can be viewed one of three ways: by posts, by feeds or by news. Then further customize your results by selecting whether you want to sort by relevance, most recent or popularity. Roll your mouse pointer over the binoculars to preview the site without leaving the results page. On the far right of the results page is a list of the top feeds for the entered keyword(s).

You can directly subscribe to the search feed or the entry's feed. You can also post the entry to one of the resources listed in the Post To drop-down. When you select a resource, you're taken to the resource's Web site in a new window where you login and add information regarding the entry.

You can save an item without registering and it goes to your Saved Results page.'s search technology and Bloglines' blog directory complement each other as they provide users with an easy-to-use service.

To submit a blog to Ask, register at and click Add in the My Feeds tab. When you add a feed, Bloglines automatically tracks the blog.

Posted on July 10, 2006


Sphere ***DEAD

Sphere is a blog search engine for finding blogs and adding yours. Customize the search results to select the timeframe of the last posting for the keyword you're searching. While you have a keyword in the search box, click Related Media to get photos, books, podcasts and news items containing your keyword.

On the results page, Sphere displays only two posts per blog to avoid having blogs with frequent postings dominate the page. Click Profile to see a new window with details about the blog including average posts per week, average words per post and average links per post. On the detailed profile page, Sphere displays the outbound and inbound links for the listed blog along with Quick Facts.

Here are tips for searching with Sphere. A bookmarklet for finding blog posts is available from Tools. TypePad users can download the Sphere Widget to display up to six search results in your TypePad blog's searchbar. The Featured Blogs page doesn't have an entry as of this writing.


Posted on July 3, 2006


Blogmopolis ***DEAD

Blogmopolis is a blog directory and exchange. Use the search box to quickly find blogs by title or tags. Search by keywords, blog descriptions pr blog name. The site is very simple in that you enter keywords into the search box and it produces a list of related results. The list takes you right to the blog. It just takes two steps to start reading a blog that has your keyword(s).

The site doesn't have registration. Its purpose is to provide fast results without wasting your time. When entering a blog, you get to include six keywords along with the title and description all of which are searchable. Make it easy for people to find you by including keywords related to your blog.


Posted on June 26, 2006


RSS Top55 updates and new entries - RSS feed RSSTop55 - Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites

Where to submit your RSS feeds and Weblogs

(Please feel free to signal me of new emerging directories and search engines by using the Comments area at the bottom of this article or by notifying me at Robin.Good[at] I will be happy to reward leads pointing to new submission resources with a complimentary copy of the RSSTop55 Premium Version.

You can also use Trackback to post directly to this page.

The RSSTop55 Premium is a ranked and sorted version of the RSSTop55 which also includes a unique a small set of innovative complementary tactics and personally selected resources to further increase your RSS-based content exposure and visibility online.
The RSSTop55 Premium) is available now.





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