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Where To Submit My RSS Feeds And Weblog URLs To Get More Exposure, Visibility And Reach
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FeedShark is an online service that allows you to submit your blog, RSS and podcast feed to multiple sources to gain wider exposure and visibility. When you select the submission sources, you are able to track in real-time the status of your "pings". You can also enable a modality called TurboMode which speeds up the ping process for users with fast Internet connections.

To take advantage of FeedShark submission service, just add the URL of your site, RSS feed or podcast feed and then select all the sources that you want to submit your content to.

Click here to go to FeedShark ping page.

Posted on May 24, 2010



Guzzle is an online service that allows you to cope with information overload and organizes several news sources per topic and relevance on a dedicated personal page that you build.

The service accepts blogs and website submission to broaden its listing of news sources, anyway each website or blog feed submitted is human-reviewed, so you are supposed to add a new source only if Guzzle lacks news sources in a particular domain or if your site adds real value to Guzzle list of news sources. Registration is only needed if you want to save your customized news page.

To add your website or blog to Guzzle, you need to submit the URL of your site, your RSS feed, select a category where your site would fit and then add relevant tags that identify your content.

Click here to submit your feed to Guzzle.

Posted on May 18, 2010


WeBlogALot ***DEAD

WeBlogALot is a RSS submission directory where you can add your blog site to be listed. WeBlogALot is human-reviewed, which means that your RSS feed must be approved before being published and that site editors will be responsible to adding your website or blog to a relevant topic category inside the directory.


Posted on May 10, 2010


Blogorrific ***DEAD

Blogorrific is a free blog submission directory where you can advertise your blog site and achieve more visibility for your content. The directory is divided in niched categories and also a "Latest Blogs" section that showcases all last blog feed submissions.


Posted on May 5, 2010



TopSites is a free website submission directory where you can share the URL of your own site to gain more exposure and visibility for your content. There are several categories that allow you to include your website in the proper niche of interest. Each category has a specific RSS feed you can add to your feed reader to get all latest updates for that topic.

To add your website or blog to TopSites, you need to provide your first and last name and the URL of your site.

Click here to submit your feed to TopSites.

Posted on April 22, 2010



Twingly is a blog search engine where you can have your blog posts shared and rated by a large community of users. When you run a search, Twingly will display a page with results to that search which includes links to relevant content, basic stats for the web site hosting the content and a button that allows you to like / dislike.

To allow Twingly to ping your blog site, simply add the URL of your latest blog post in the text field and hit ping. You can also automatically notify Twingly of your new content by adding a specific URL to your ping services list.

Click here to go to Twingly ping page.

Posted on April 8, 2010


Feedzie ***DEAD

Feedzie is a search engine with an internal database of thousands of RSS feeds. When you run a search, Feedzie will look inside all RSS feeds that people have submitted over the years to match your request. Results are displayed following a relevance order and for each RSS feed you find you also get some basic stats about the topics covered in the correspondent web site.

To add your web site or blog to Feedzie, you only need to submit your feed URL. No registration is needed. Your RSS feed will be then reviewed and considered for inclusion inside Feedzie directory. To be notified if and when your RSS feed will be added, you can also optionally share your email address.


Posted on April 2, 2010


FeedNuts ***DEAD

FeedNuts is a free blog submission directory where you can share the URL of your own web site or blog to spread and distribute your content to a larger audience. There are several thematic categories where you can add your feed which is also rated by the FeedNuts community. An internal search engine is also available to browse the directory and find the podcast you need.


Posted on March 1, 2010 is a free RSS feed submission directory to share the URL of your own website or blog that helps you spread your content to a larger audience. The submission process is very easy as it only requires the URL of your blog. There are six categories to add your feed: Art & Entertainment, Business, News, Politics, Sports and Technology.

To add your website or blog to the directory, you only have to add your URL and input the security validation code.

Click here to submit your feed to

Posted on January 14, 2010


Hot vs Not

Hot vs Not is a free website submission directory where you can share the URL of your own website to achieve higher visibility and exposure. The submission process allows you to target very precisely your website niche and all of the tags, title and description are automatically inserted by retrieving the information from your website metadata.

To add your website or blog to the directory you only have to add your URL, select a specific category and then provide a valid e-mail address.

Click here to submit your feed to Hot vs Not.

Posted on December 9, 2009



SolarWarp is a free RSS feed directory where you can share the RSS feed of your website or blog to gain greater exposure and visibility. RSS feeds inside SolarWarp are divided in categories and you also have a list of the latest items on the homepage.

To add your RSS feed to the directory, just add the URL of your RSS feed, a description, the category of where to add your RSS feed and then also your name and email.

Click here to submit your feed to SolarWarp.

Posted on December 2, 2009



LeighRSS is a free RSS feed directory where you can share the RSS feed of your website or blog. Feeds on LeighRSS are categorized in niches of interest and can also be searched using specific keywords using the internal search engine.

To add your RSS feed to the directory, just click the button on the upper right corner on the homepage of the service, add the URL of your RSS feed and then select a proper category to have your feed reviewed by LeighRSS editors. If you want to achieve greater visibility for your RSS feed, you must also enter a valid e-mail address.

Click here to submit your feed to LeighRSS.

Posted on November 10, 2009


Blog Directory 001

Blog Directory 001 is a free RSS feed directory where you can share the RSS feed of your blog or website to achieve greater visibility on the web. Each feed on Blog Directory 001 is added to a sub-category that will help others find more easily your own RSS feed or other feeds of interest.

After registering, just type the title of your RSS feed, a valid URL, add a brief description and then select a sub-category to have Blog Directory 001 index your feed in the proper niche of interest.

Click here to submit your feed to Blog Directory 001.

Posted on November 2, 2009



Dr. 5z5 is an open feed directory where you can add the URL of your RSS / Atom feed. Free of charge and without registration, the directory allows you to browse tons of feeds divided in specific categories. You can also grab free widgets and feed counters to add to your site to help viewers subscribe to your RSS feeds.

Just open the submission page and add the URL of your RSS / Atom feed to add it to the directory. Provide your web site URL if you need to find the URL of your feed before adding.

Click here to submit your feed to Dr. 5z5.

Posted on September 30, 2009



FeedPlex is a XML / RSS feeds search engine and RSS feed archive to submit the URL of your blog or web site to achieve greater exposure and visibility.

Without registering, submit the URL of your website or blog and provide a valid e-mail address. When your site is added to the archive, you will get a confirmation e-mail.

Click here to submit your feed to FeedPlex.

Posted on August 27, 2009



BLOGbal is a human edited web directory that helps your website content gain more visibility. All links submitted are listed in categories, free of charge. Having your links featured on the homepage of BLOGbal costs $4.99/year.

On the submission page type the title of your website, the URL and a brief description. Then add your name, email address and specify a category where your website link will be listed. Wait for your link to be approved.

Click here to submit your feed to BLOGbal.

Posted on July 29, 2009



ooBdoo provides webmasters and content providers with an avenue to promote content through RSS. Free of charge, your RSS feeds are placed into the category that best suits your website topic to gain maximum exposure. All pages are regularly updated by polling RSS feeds for fresh content.

Without registration, just type your name, email address, website URL and a brief description to have OoBdoo index your feed. You must also specify if you want your website URL to be a follow / nofollow link and how often your content is updated. Then wait for your RSS feed to be approved.

Click here to submit your feed to Oobdoo.

Posted on July 23, 2009



Scribnia is an online community where users discover new bloggers and columnists. You can rate writers and help the community discover new authors by filling details about the skill and competences of each author. After rating a few writers, Scribnia "recommendation engine" analyzes your tastes and recommends someone who may become your next favorite author.

To add a writer to Scribnia you need to register (free) and then write a mini-review, upload a photo and choose a category. Others will now be able to rate the author you added and post their comments.

Click here to add an author to Scribnia.

Posted on July 14, 2009


DayTimeNews ***DEAD

DayTimeNews provides you an avenue to promote and advertise your syndicated content by adding your RSS feeds free and without registration. Each RSS feed you add to the directory is placed inside a static HTML page so that external search engines can index information giving your site more visibility.


Posted on July 8, 2009


RSS 001 ***DEAD

RSS 001 is an RSS semantic feed directory, which means that submitted feeds are processed an organized in a way that makes RSS feeds easier to find for the end user. Feeds are also auto-tagged and can be extensively categorized to reach the right audience. RSS 001 has a built-in search engine to find more easily the feeds of interest.

After registering, just type a title, the URL of your RSS feed, and a brief description to have RSS 001 index your feed. Then you must wait for your feed to be approved to be showed on the website.


Posted on June 21, 2009


Feedmil ***DEAD

Feedmil is both a topic-focused feed search engine and a feed directory. You can add your RSS content and let people find your web site more easily. In the search interface, Feedmil allows you to specify also the popularity range of feeds and quickly discover less popular feeds located in the long tail of millions of feeds.

To add your own feed to the directory, simply type the URL of your RSS feed, the URL of your web site and the language of your site (English / Japanese). No registration is required.


Posted on May 25, 2009


Feedest ***DEAD

Feedest is a a place for RSS feeds to be gathered and searched. You can easily submit your feed, add tags and then let other people discover the content of your site, news stream, or whatever your feed contains. Registration is not compulsory, but allows you to have a personal page inside Feedest and add the signature "added by..." to each feed you submit. Free to use.


Posted on May 2, 2009


RSS-Spider ***DEAD

RSS-Spider is a large directory containing user-submitted feeds divided by categories. Anyone is free to add her own feed to the site by registering and then submitting the specific URL. RSS feeds already present inside RSS-Spider database can be discovered with the built-in search engine. On the homepage there's a list of the top ten searched feeds of the day.

To post your own feed, first step is registering to the site. Then, you just have to provide the URL of your RSS feed, enter your credentials, and select whether your feed contains adult material or not.


Posted on April 17, 2009



FeedListing is a huge RSS directory containing feeds of any type, that anyone can support by submitting her own feeds, helping the directory growing more every day. Feeds are divided in many categories, and you can browse by popular feeds, newest, top, and also see which are the most used tags. On the homepage random posts are selected daily, and you can also see the recently added entries.

To post your own feed, you just have to provide the RSS feed title, URL, and select the appropriate category.

Click here to submit your feed to FeedListing.

Posted on April 3, 2009



Feedgy is an RSS feed directory and search engine which indexes thousands of RSS feeds, submitted by users on the web. Feeds are searchable by topic and keyword. Feedgy allows you to store a list of recently read feeds for easy viewing on return visits with no newsreader required.

To submit your RSS feed or blog, simply visit the submission page and enter your feed URL. After being approved, your feed will be listed inside Feedgy directory.

Submit your feed to Feedgy.

Posted on March 20, 2009

Blogville is a directory of blogs based on keywords. Each submitted blog is reviewed by humans in order to prevent spam or inappropriate content. The directory is also constantly checked for dead links and / or blogs that change their content.

If you use WordPress, you can even use a dedicated plugin to automatically update your submission to Blogville and set the date of your last blog update.

To submit a blog, go to the submission page, type your e-mail address, name, URL and a brief description of your blog, and its main keywords. Pay great attention to the keywords you use, so that your blog can be found very easily. If you want to edit your blog data later on, provide also a password. When you're done, click submit.

Submit your blog to

Posted on March 9, 2009


FeedBees ***DEAD

FeedBees is an online RSS feed directory, counting more than 100000 feeds where you can submit all of your sites with no registration process, and people can easily monitor all of the changes that you make on your site directly from FeedBees. Feeds can be searched, browsed by category, subcategory and page rank.

Plus, for any submitted feed that comes with Google Adsense within, the service collects the original Google ad code, so that if someone clicks on that ad, all revenue goes to the feed owner.

To post you feed, just provide a URL, select up to three categories and click submit. There is no registration process to go into, and you can submit as many feeds as you want without giving out any personal detail.


Posted on September 22, 2008



RSS Mountain is one of the biggest RSS feed directories out there, currently featuring more than 1.2 million feeds listed in more than 30 categories, and still growing. After a free and fast registration, which only asks for your name and email, you can add all of your feeds to the service just by going into the category that best describes your site, click add link, and it will be immediately added to the list.

Feeds can be browsed through the categories, but also searched using the search box on the home page, and you can automatically subscribe to one of the results from the search page.

Choose the best category and then click the add button to submit your feed.

Posted on August 11, 2008



FeedSee is a blog directly, which features a very simple and direct interface. The only things you can do are searching and submitting feeds: to search for a feed, you will immediately notice the search box on the home page, where you can type any keyword you want and get all the feeds related to that word.

Else, you can click the submission link and, just by pasting the link, without adding anything else, your site will be included into the directory.

You can submit all the feeds you want, as FeedSee does not require any registration, or name, or email to be used.

Submit your feed to FeedSee.

Posted on July 28, 2008


Best Directory

Best Directory is a big RSS feeds directory, that anyone can use to submit his feed without signing up to any service. Feeds are divided in 14 main categories, which are divided in two sub-categories themselves.

If you want to submit your feed, all you need to do is to pick the appropriate category, select the sub-categories in which your feed will best fit, provide a feed link, name, description and email, and finally the submission method:

  • Free: No registration needed, nothing to pay, but your feed won't be high until it is rated.
  • Exchange: You can get a higher place, for free, by placing a link to Best Directory on your page.
  • Price: Pay $5 to get your feed high ranked for 6 months.

Submit your feed to Best Directory.

Posted on June 9, 2008



Blogged is an online blog directory that you can use to discover and promote interesting blogs

Currently featuring 200,000 blogs, users can use Blogged to discover and explore new blogs, and communicate and interact directly with each other. Blogs are reviewed, rated, and categorized by editors, but anyone with an account can review and rate a blog to help it rise in the rankings. You can browse them by topic, rating, or simply searching for any keyword.

If you want to add your blog to the directory, you will just have to sign up to the service for free, and provide the RSS feed of your site.

Sign up and submit your feed to Blogged.

Posted on May 29, 2008



GeekySpeaky is a small, growing weblog directory, now counting just more than 200 feeds. Feeds can be searched, browsed by category or latest additions and they can be submitted with three different methods:

  • Featured links ($40)

  • Regular links ($25)

  • Regular links with reciprocal (Free)

Once you are on the submission page, type a name, paste the URL of your feed, make up a description, select a category, provide your name and email, paste the URL containing the page with the reciprocal link, and click continue.

Submit your feed to GeekySpeaky.

Posted on March 31, 2008


ReadBurner ***DEAD

ReadBurner is a free online service that aggregates items that are shared on Google Reader.

This works by constantly updating RSS feeds of currently several hundred linkblogs: whenever an item is on multiple feeds, which means it has been shared by multiple people, it is automatically included. r.

Shared items are divided into Popular, Upcoming, Most Recent, Popular This Week and Popular All Time categories.

Adding a link to the service is really simple: without even registering, you just have to copy and paste into a box your public RSS feed of your Google Reader shared items.


Posted on March 10, 2008



Blogotion is an online blog directory which aims to list high quality blogs. The people behind the directory review blogs prior to accepting them into the index to keep spammers and scrapers out.

Popular blogs lists the top ten. Browse blogs by categories or check out the recommended blog of the month that appears on the home page below the categories.

Blogotion provides a short overview of blogs.

To submit your feed to Blogotion, complete and submit the short form.

Posted on February 21, 2008


A1 Web Links

A1 Web Links is a free blog directory that features more than 700 feeds, divided in 24 main categories, where anyone can submit her own RSS feed for free. Without even registering to the service, you can pick between three types of URL submission:

  • Featured links: if you pick this option, your blog will be shown on the top of the page. Costs $9.95.
  • Regular links your link will be normally added in the directory. Costs $5.95
  • Regular links with reciprocal: same as the regular links option, with the only difference that this one is free, and requires you to put a link to the directory on your own web-site

After you have picked which option suits you best, you'll just have to provide your blog's information, your name and email, and click submit.

Submit your blog to A1 Web Links.

Posted on January 21, 2008


RSSHugger ***DEAD

RssHugger is a weblog directory that basically combines Technorati, rss directories, and search engine optimization into one. If you own a blog, you can get your own page on RssHugger for 10 years by giving an honest review of the site on your blog. If you want to join rssHugger but do not want to review our site, you can pay a one time review fee of $20. This fee, allows the site's authors to keep out a lot of the spam/useless blogs.

RssHugger features a featured blog on the home page, Top100 page, a "random blog" page that, as the name suggest, shows up one blog of the directory, and a search page, that lets you browse into the feeds.


Posted on January 7, 2008



Webloogle is a blog directory where anyone can submit his own RSS feed URL and keep an eye on how his blog is going.

In fact, after you have signed up, and submitted your blog to the service, by providing the URL, a title, a description,and selecting the appropriate category you want your blog to be showed in, webloogle will offer you a dedicated page on which it'll show information, ratings, statistics of your site, and also a link that other people can click to write a review about your site.

Feeds can be browsed by category, ordered by ranking, or simply searched through the search form.

Submit your feed to Webloogle.

Posted on December 10, 2007



MyBlog2U is an RSS feed directory featuring more than 2000 different weblogs, divided in 15 main category, which are themselves divided in other sub-categories. Blogs can be also searched, through the search bar on the bottom of the page.

With a simple registration you can submit your own feed for free, as long as it respects the MyBlog2U policies, here listed. The fields you have to fill after you register are blog category, URL, title, and short description.

Back links are really appreciated to promote the directory.

Submit your feed to MyBlog2U.

Posted on November 12, 2007


Blog Listing

Blog Listing is a free weblog directory where anyone can submit her feed. Available in both paid and free version, you can have your blog listed in the featured links section by paying $8/year, or simple select the free version to get in the regular links section.

To add your own blog you just have to provide the title, URL, description, your name and email, and select an appropriate category. Submitted blogs can then be browsed by category, latest added and top hits.

Submit your feed to BlogListings.

Posted on November 5, 2007


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