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Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites

RSS Top 55 - Original List - Part 1

Latest additions     RSSTop55 - Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites

Where To Submit My RSS Feeds And Weblog URLs To Get More Exposure, Visibility And Reach
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Open Weblog Directory

***** DEAD *****

The Open Weblog Directory used to be a new small-sized category-based online directory listing of blogs. Submit your weblog here along with some basic information (title, URL, description).

Posted on February 5, 2004


Globe of Blogs

Must provide content category and author information.

Posted on February 5, 2004


WeBlogALot ***DEAD

Aggregating The Power Of Blogs.


Posted on February 5, 2004



A new directory of RSS feeds.


Posted on February 5, 2004



A Directory Of Wonderful Things
Suggest a site but give them time to review it. Give them hints at what is exactly relevant and interesting to look at and why. What we're getting at here is that a submission along the lines of "My blog, Crazy Bob's Discount House of Internet, is full of Webby goodness. I did this really cool rant about ____ yesterday that I thought you'd like. Check it out at http:///www.crazybob'"

Posted on February 5, 2004


Genecast News Service

*** DEAD ***

Add a newsfeed to the

Posted on February 5, 2004



*** DEAD ***

A richer form to fill for this valuable online resource. But it is all in your interest.

Posted on February 5, 2004



*** DEAD ***

Directory of existing RSS feeds. BlogStreet operates also Info Aggregator, an outstanding software-free service lets you subscribe to RSS feeds and have posts delivered via email.

Posted on February 5, 2004

Independent bloggers syndication site aggregates good content from many sources. You have to input your selected articles manually. No RSS feed submission. Eric Olsen recommends: "most people participating in Blogcritics post their own stories to the site directly rather than any kind of automatic aggregation, so if you could let them know that all we need from those who want to join is ONLY their site URL, email, and name, that would be terribly helpful. Thanks again!

Submit your blog by contacting Eric Olsen at:
ecolsen2003[at] (replace [at] with @)

Posted on February 5, 2004


Popdex ***DEAD

The Website Popularity Index. Worth a submission.


Posted on February 5, 2004

Pick your topix, get the news. is the Internet's most complete targeted news site, allowing users to quickly and easily find all the news on their particular topics of interest. gathers news stories from over 3,000 sources into over 150,000 topically based, individual news-pages. Strong, US-based geographical slant. Separate news page for each of the 30,000 cities and town in the US. scans every article for geographical references, such as streets, parks, rivers, stadiums and arenas, hospitals, schools, and so on. The result is a story classified both geographically as well as by topic. Accepted feeds include RSS, XML and HTML news index pages with links to stories.

Suggest a quality RSS newsfeed here:
(Feb. 14)

Posted on February 5, 2004



*** DEAD ***

"Long-standing services that leverages blog links for discovery purposes. Think of it as a "buzz index" according to blogs, where the goal is to show you which links anywhere on the web are currently getting the most references from bloggers." (Search Engine Watch)

Add your weblog/RSS feed by simply providing a URL and your email.

Posted on February 5, 2004



Register at Bloglines and enter the MyBlogs area. There you can submit anyone RSS feed and have it automatically tracked by Bloglines.

Posted on February 5, 2004


Feedster ***DEAD

Feedster was originally known as Roogle when launched in March 2003 and absorbed the formerly separate RSS Search service in June 2003.


Posted on February 5, 2004


Daypop ***DEAD

Submitted sites must be news sites or weblogs that update and provide information on a timely basis. Other sites will not be included since this is a current events search engine.


Posted on February 5, 2004



Simply type your website/blog Internet address in the main search box and Technorati will start tracking you. Also it is possible to use the Technorati Ping-Site form (high priority indexing queue) which may help in this process.

Posted on February 5, 2004


Guardian Weblog Guide ***DEAD

The Guardian Weblog Guide is one of the best online resources providing hand-picked lists of outstanding online Weblogs. The Guardian DOES NOT ACCEPT automatically any submission and it only accepts weblog recommendations, without ever linking to RSS feeds.


Posted on February 5, 2004


YellowBrix ***DEAD

Please note: YellowBrix informed me yesterday that they are not accepting any submissions from blogs or RSS feeds. (May 18 2005)

YellowBrix has merged with FluentMedia, the content company from Tribune Company, to deliver strategic information ONLY from top news sources.


Posted on February 5, 2004



NewsKnowledge gathers News Headlines from more than 20'000 news sources from all over the world and in more than 20 different languages. It is one of the more respected sources for news syndication by corporate and business enterprises.

It is possible to suggest news sources through this form:

or email k.nieuwmeijer[at] (replace [at] with @).

Posted on February 5, 2004



NewsIsFree is mainly a web based aggregator and a publisher of RSS sources. Newsifree is also one of the oldest and most prominent directories of RSS feeds. It organizes thousands of news feeds into categories. An absolute must-submit-at RSS/blog resource.

NewsIsFreeWe is very selective about what sources it adds to its directory (even more so since their aggregator users can add feeds that are not in the directory).

NewsKnowledge: it's the commercial branch of NewsIsFree. It features a subset of the sources and provides syndication services for companies.

Posted on February 5, 2004



According to SearchEngineWatch: “Another major directory of RSS feeds. It lets you look through thousands of RSS feeds that users have submitted or which have been added by volunteers to its collection. In other words, it's an Open Directory for RSS feeds.” Definitely worth all of you best efforts to get your blog/RSS feed tracked and validated.

Posted on February 5, 2004


Moreover ***DEAD

Moreover is one of the most extensive and popular news syndicators around. His presence online across sites of all kinds is remarkable and being able to get added to his newsbase is a very worthwhile effort.


Posted on February 5, 2004


Open Directory

Directory of directories about weblogs:

How to add a site to the Open Directory

Posted on February 5, 2004



Yahoo! has a search engine, directory and news resource in which you can add your blog, feed and Web site. Few can argue against Yahoo! Search being one of the top major search engines and directories available online, so you want to make sure your stuff is listed on Yahoo! wherever possible. Yahoo! lists plenty of blogs within the appropriate categories for the blogs and you can add yours to the list (see below).

Yahoo is a massive and it gets confusing. Its help page explains the Directory and how it differs from the other parts of the site. Search Help is also a good resource for understanding the Yahoo! Network.

Yahoo! Directory organizes Web sites and pages into categories and subcategories. Sometimes visitors don't know what they want and prefer to look through the directory instead of entering keywords. Or they want to find keywords within a specific category.

Yahoo! News is also a major source for news information online. It's possible to directly submit your news-based Web site, blog or RSS news feed to Yahoo News through an official submission form. Yahoo News requires submission of your name, email, URL, the selection of the item "Suggest news site for news search index" in the drop down menu labeled "What are you writing about" and any extra comments you may have.

Your site is immediately submitted to the Yahoo News editorial review team and checked for approval. If your site produces original news content on a daily basis you may want to seriously consider submitting your site to this resource as it may provide for major increase in reach and exposure once your content is regularly spidered by the Yahoo News content crawler.

To submit your site: When you go to the submission page, it'll have you do a search of your site's URL to ensure it's not already listed. Once done, you'll have to login with your Yahoo! ID. The best thing to do is search for the category in the directory where your entry belongs and then click Suggest a Site. FAQ on how to suggest a site.

Directory submission page:

Feed submission page:

News submission page:

Posted on February 5, 2004


RSS Top55 updates and new entries - RSS feed RSSTop55 - Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites

Where to submit your RSS feeds and Weblogs

(Please feel free to signal me of new emerging directories and search engines by using the Comments area at the bottom of this article or by notifying me at Robin.Good[at] I will be happy to reward leads pointing to new submission resources with a complimentary copy of the RSSTop55 Premium Version.

You can also use Trackback to post directly to this page.

The RSSTop55 Premium is a ranked and sorted version of the RSSTop55 which also includes a unique a small set of innovative complementary tactics and personally selected resources to further increase your RSS-based content exposure and visibility online.
The RSSTop55 Premium) is available now.




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2008-10-06 11:57:42

Daniel Keogh

By far the most comprehensive blog submission list I've seen so far. I'm currently working on submitting my blog to as many as possible. Hopefully I'll get through them all eventually. Thanks Daniel

2006-10-17 14:46:03

Greg White

Great resource for posting Blogs and RSS Feeds. List of over 300 directories.

2006-10-14 06:36:50

kleo makris

Local radio music station from rodos city of greece news art culture talk show live internet.

2006-10-13 19:55:42

Doug Brown

Another great directory with a Google Page rank of 4 on the main page and 4 to 3 on the sub pages is It is free but if you wanted to have your site

2006-10-08 14:41:35

Mark Savoca

another good RSS directory is Thanks!

2006-10-04 22:12:40


Wonderfull. Very good resource.... Ready to submit. Thanks a lot, Tsaiga

2006-10-04 19:37:59


Very useful list, thanks!

2006-10-04 03:47:08

Professional Webmaster

I wish you split your resource in 2 groups such as RSS feeds submission and Blog Directories. Anyway... thank you!

2006-10-02 10:59:15


Great, I have add to my blog

2006-10-01 01:37:27


The Golden RSS Feed is now accepting feed submissions to the directory. Submit your feed at:

2006-09-28 00:28:32

Niche Affiliate Marketing Program

Thanks, this is a Great Lists, save my time time to figure out the top RSS sites to submit.. Thanks!

2006-09-22 05:26:05

Lavian Marcus

Really good resource for submitting blogs

2006-09-22 04:09:08

top search engine listing

RSS directories mentioned in this page are excellent, however not all of them now accepts feeds. Submitting RSS feeds to these directories can force search engines to crawl your website almost everyday. I have myself tested this with my new website.

2006-09-21 20:03:22


Robin Good has collected great list of links to promote your weblog.

2006-09-20 10:22:50

reciprocal links exchange

Some of the directories links needs updates as they are changed. However, submitting your feeds to these directories with get excellent link back to your website/blog.

2006-09-18 09:43:05


nice list.i found a good blog on crm.

2006-09-13 08:07:35


Great list of blog directory resources. Very much helped us. Please add more blog directories. Thanks, Manish

2006-09-08 05:33:45

Google Success

Very useul list prepared with lot of research. Thanks !!

2006-09-08 01:30:15



2006-08-29 11:40:23

thc detox

this is just what i was looking for. thanks.

2006-08-27 05:00:14


Very useful list I found here. If you have a automotive related site please submit to .

2006-08-25 05:16:46


Great list of blog directory resources. Very much helped us. Please add more blog directories. Thanks, Manish

2006-08-25 02:04:14


thanks for your effort. this is just what i was looking for.

2006-08-18 02:38:14

Sergey Rusak

Thank You for great information. I also found great resource to submit blog. a href=""Blog Submission/a

2006-08-18 01:38:06

Electronics This Week

This kind of manual submission is much more effective than automatic submission service like pingoat or similar.

2006-08-17 01:20:03

Jerry Black

This blog gives information about latest fashion and trends and what to wear and what not in accordance to occassion and much more tips about fashion

2006-08-15 15:03:15


Acquisio - Provides solutions to acquire customers and leads online.

2006-08-12 10:52:47


It’s my understanding that there is an XML or RSS feed that you can physically submit to Aggregator as in, they host this feed as opposed to parsing a feed that your site physically hosts.

2006-08-11 12:24:52

Darren Colin

Directory of blogs, grouped by category and country. Find a blog about anything and everything. List your blog for free and get more traffic.

2006-07-28 18:04:35


RSS feed is the one I need in my site, really like it, thanks you for the resource very useful

2006-06-21 12:46:10

Semih hakyemez - A free directory will give Family Friendly websites which is organized in alphabetical order.

2006-06-20 16:33:38

Christian Connett

Valuable resource!!! I am sharing this with others because I feel that this is a priceless tool that helps the blogging community as a whole. Keep up the great work! Christian Connett - Managing Me

2006-06-19 18:38:10

isulong seoph

wow! this is one great resource for bloggers. thank you. I also collected a lists of Ping URLs. check out

2006-06-17 03:45:36

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tiz is always the place to come look for great rss resources and info ... thanx lots!

2006-06-17 03:35:39


Hi! Your list really made my job easy to submit my personal blog. Thanks for the pain you have taken to ease our jobs and ofcourse yours. Regards, Benoy

2006-06-16 14:05:32

Keith Derr

I recently bought an ebook (not cheap either) about RSS Feeds that had some ok info in it but a large majority of the links in it were no good. I am so glad I found your link. Between what you have listed here, and the info that everyone else has posted I can know what I will be doing for the next two day... :-)

2006-06-14 21:03:46

Isulong Seoph

I was searching for article announcement directories from google when I came accross site. Great free resource definitely very helpful. I've just submitted isulong seoph to the sites provided here. Thanks so much!

2006-06-13 21:23:13


Very nice collection! Try also for custom essay:

2006-06-13 18:19:40

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2006-06-13 16:48:48

Christian Del Monte

Great list of blog directory resources. Here is another resource that recently launched this month for the business blogger at heart!

2006-06-09 13:35:20

Another blog directory that might be of your interest. Thanks, www.Hits.FM

2006-06-09 12:18:48


Great source for submitting rss! Thanks a lot

2006-06-09 01:14:39


Great list. This is such a handy resource. I think this is the best on the web. There is also a tool that submits to some of these sites automatically for you. Check it out at Thanks Mike

2006-06-08 01:54:44

Money Ideas

Robin, This is a top notch list. Here is a list of websites I found for submitting a podcast. Take Care, Michael

2006-06-05 17:41:18


StockEnews presents the latest in interactive online news distribution. Through the synergy of the services we offer, StockEnews is committed to creating global exposure for your company. We welcome you to upload your news releases, submit your company profile, and enroll in the exclusive TWNkey directory, which together "Connect your Business to the World."

2006-06-05 17:22:22


A great ressource for bloggers! Further to our email... Can I ask that you add some ressouces for adult blogs also? Only Hq adult blogs listed. No illegal content is listed by us. Hand edited blog directories, of adult erotica blogs. We also list many adult blog toplist too. Great Job Thank you for you consideration. Cat

2006-06-05 17:12:01


Want to find where the high quality adult blogs are listed? We supply a good amount of high quality traffic to adult blogs. Hand edited blog directories, of adult erotica blogs. We also list many adult blog toplist too. Cat

2006-06-05 14:05:10


Please add my directory.

2006-05-24 04:13:33

I would like to introduce my weblog directory, which means "syndicate your weblog with us..."

2006-05-11 19:32:59


Thank you very much for this opportunity . I have started an arabic blog site , everybody is welcome to submit their sites and blogs . Arabic Logs

2006-05-10 04:12:02

Solomon Rothman

Excellent Resource - Thank you. I'm definitely going to use these sites to promote my blog and they have also helped a lot in my research for 2 different articles I'm currently authoring on blog search. Other News You May Be Interested In: Boy Who Never Slept is a full length feature film that is going to be released shortly for FREE. That's right the ENTIRE hour and half movie will be available online for free. Watch the free trailer at the link below:

2006-04-19 03:54:52


Wow, what a great list this is. Also interested if there are any submission services that send to some of these.

2006-04-07 16:40:19


Good resource. I have been using the pinging service for many of them, but I have found that the automated pinging service to Datashed doesn't seem to work.

2006-03-29 17:54:39


Another one to add:

2006-03-23 01:45:26


Yours is the first (and still the best) resource I have found concerning RSS and blog submission. Interested parties can also submit their blog or other Rss equipped site at:

2006-03-21 14:56:59


Syndic8 was spamming in the past. Not sure. Please read the article.

2006-03-13 23:30:01


I'm adding my blogs to all these sites, but it's a long process. Has anyone got a tool for adding multiple blog RSS feeds to these directories? I can't just add my index page, I have to manually add every single blog feed?

2006-03-05 20:36:18


Don't forget to check out Blogmopolis, a searchable blog directory which allows you to add up to 6 keywords for your blog. No fees, no registration required.

2006-03-01 02:02:10

ZardozZ OpenWeb

In addition to the great links listed above you might add your blog to a blogring. One of the largest blogrings in the ring surf system is the ZZ OpenRing In addition there is the OpenWeb Directory:

2006-02-27 17:49:08

desi baba

great list , thx lots , very nice for all bloggers . very helpful.

2006-02-25 20:38:03

If you are looking for a one stop shopping way to list your blog RSS feed, you want to do two things... Check out RSS Top55 site and register with ZardozZ OpenWeb Link Directory which is also search engine optimized and OpenRing Blogring.

2006-02-24 17:01:25


Great list, I found another one, A news aggregator with feed search functions.

2006-02-24 02:06:20


Here's a new blog directory: It allows webmasters to quickly add feeds in the directory to their own sites by using the provided cut-and-paste PHP script.

2006-02-23 12:47:15

Chris Risse

That is a long list, some of the sites are useful, others aren't. Here is a database network I have found useful.

2006-02-17 21:37:39

Thomas Czaszynski

Amazing list, I added to about 30 sites listed here, only about 10 accepted my submission and I got traffic like I never got before.

2006-02-14 09:26:10

Ruth Abdellaoui

Thanks for the list - very useful. Here's another oneto add: It includes a directory for medical or health related rss feeds. If you want to submit a feed, just fill the details on the Contact Us submission form.

2006-02-09 12:34:30


Great resource! Definitely worth a bookmark for those just getting started in promoting their RSS news Feeds.

2006-01-29 21:18:00


This list puts you on the SEO wall of fame. Well done.

2006-01-29 01:32:42


Another great RSS directory is: feel free to submit your RSS feeds to

2006-01-22 19:16:23

SEO Newsfeed

How do I get my SEO RSS newsfeed listed in all the RSS directories without visiting each one individually?

2006-01-19 11:23:23


Another blog directory that might be of your interest.

2006-01-16 17:54:56


The best thing about this resource is that it is so well maintained and regularly updated - unlike so many lists on the web that once were useful but then became totally useless and outdated.... Great effort, keep it up!

2006-01-16 13:48:52


Very Nice effort ROBIN! I spent an entire night untill the SUN came back up going thru all these listings that are valid. Must say this was Impressive! Only one bad apple i came across was of all these was ALEXA, they absolutely refuse to recognize the info.txt after it was placed in the required locale. Doesn't matter though, many of all the others are quite efficient and exacting in what they offer and with RESULTS!!

2006-01-14 15:22:01

Lance Brown

I would just like to join in and bow in reverence to this giant and well-presented list. It's really quite remarkable. Thank you Robin!

2006-01-10 16:31:14


my videoblog directory is also, see and

2006-01-06 00:55:08


Fantastic list! Thanks

2006-01-05 08:19:31


Please add to your list of blog directories.

2005-12-09 09:35:25


Could you please include our new rss/blog directory in your list of recommended directories. Thanks in advance. James

2005-12-08 15:35:02


Here is a directory for automotive related RSS feeds:

2005-12-07 17:58:03

Alan Martin

Hi, Robin just spent all day going through the relevent site to regester with. And I must say if you did not have such a sellection to choose from it would have shorely taken me a week to get through them all. P.S. GREAT SERVICE. Yours Alan.

2005-12-05 20:50:50

David Lozano

My name is David Lozano. I'm the programmer and designer from The House Of Blogs. We have done the specialiced version in English. Thanks.

2005-12-05 02:36:57


Absolutely awesome resouce you've compiled here Robin. I'll be starting to check all these out tomorrow. Thanks a lot

2005-11-17 00:28:08

Ralph Zuranski

Hi Robin, Great job on consolidating all the blog and rss feeds. That must have taken a few hours (-: I am putting together a blogging guide for my In Search of Heroes Program to help people spread good news about the heroes in their lives. I will provide a link to your awesome resources. Thanks for your hard work. Sincerely yours, Ralph Zuranski

2005-11-16 22:23:25


Dear Robin Could I suggest another site to add to your list? - massive rss feed directory covering all topics, plus all feeds updated every hour and your own section of the site to add your favorite feeds.

2005-10-28 00:07:29

Charles Oakland

Great site, good work keep it up, thanks.

2005-10-20 15:32:21


Dear Robin, Bravo for your list. I would like to suggest my directory to your list. Note that lists only video blogs with items with enclosures. RSS feeds without enclosures will not be recorded. Thanks, Pierre

2005-10-18 21:44:57


It was a long night but I thinq I got them all. Thank You g Illmethinks_Politiq "Sometimes You Need To Bend The Spoon With A Hammer"

2005-10-15 16:26:22

Aaron Day

Robin, This site, and in particular the RSS Top 55, represent was is one of the best things about the web, sharing information and ideas. Thank you for your hard work. - Aaron

2005-10-02 16:36:29

Mike Small

This info is amazing! I had no idea there was so much out there specific to blog-centric search. My blog is on SEO and you’ve obviously got major knowledge in that area. Anytime you want to spread your word as a guest author, please let me know.

2005-09-26 17:50:46

Great list! One site that you didn't mention that I started using a month ago is Gritwire. - This is an amazing site for RSS/blog aggregator users, plus it's totally customizable. I love it!

2005-09-21 22:28:41

Josh Lundy

This is really useful. I have already used some of these suggestions on our blog that helps users find jobs, and we are having great results.

2005-09-21 17:55:54

Rich M

I am working on a list of Blog Directories and RSS Feed Databases that chefs can submit their blogs to. So far, I have about 150, and Robin's list was helpful in adding a few. WARNING: This list is for chefs only. Many of the links in my list will submit directly to Food/Culinary categories.

2005-09-21 16:22:10


great tips hopefully my blogs will get more traffic now...thanks!

2005-09-10 14:38:56

Scott Ingram

This list is incredible! I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you've put into creating such a great resource. This is the first resource I recommend to anyone promoting a blog.

2005-09-09 22:44:56

Bo Bang

Thanks for the list. How often the list is updated?

2005-09-08 00:46:09

D. Preston of

Your list has made a significant difference in the ability to quickly identify all the "places to be". Thank you for the time and effort that it obviously took to compile this list! --douglas of

2005-09-06 16:33:15

David Ø - UniGTR+ Center

Well done Robin and co. - Great resource, very useful! :) ...

2005-08-30 07:15:11

Chin Chin

This isn't the first time I've found a useful article on your website, but this page would have to be worth triple it's weight in gold.

2005-08-28 20:03:00


Wow! Thanx so much for the great list of blog/RSS directories. I just submit my weblog to them :)

2005-08-27 08:52:57

Ashish T

Excellent info. One can also submit blogs and rss using softwares like Jvw RSS submitter. Feel free to check out more info at regards, Ashish T.

2005-08-15 18:05:46

Journal Home

Great list of blog/rss directories. You should do the same list for blog host. Thanks for the list! Regards, Ant Onaf

2005-07-27 08:32:50


Wow, This is truly a great site!!! Great work Robin.

2005-07-21 08:46:24


Wow!!!! This is truly an amazing site!!! Robin Good, you are a lot more than good -- how about Great? Super? Magnificent? This is truly the most well-researched, thorough list! I'm in shock!!! I've been hunting around and finding a blog directory here and a blog directory there -- it's been sort of haphazard. This is the best! You truly are providing such a valuable, valuable service!! No doubt a lot of great things will come back to you for being sooooo generous and helpful to so many. Very, very, very gratefully, Connie SugarShockBlog

2005-07-13 00:10:38

Brandon Erik Bertelsen

Well done. I didn't even think there were anywhere near that many!

2005-06-26 06:18:42

chris franklin

Blew a Saturday doing the whole list, but it was worth it. Hugely valuable!

2005-06-13 03:56:45


This list was surely useful! I actually posted on a couple of forums and to let more people know about this list. Thanks again! Jonathan - Debate Politics Online

2005-06-11 04:16:09


Wow! That's a list and a half! Very useful. Thanks :-)

2005-06-08 10:52:43


I was searching only for few directories but you have given a lot of information and definitely it will save a lot of time for me as well as all the guys reading it. thanks a lot!

2005-05-18 16:22:23


Also check out Blog Blaster, a free utility to ping your blogs to over 12 blog search engines.

2005-04-05 23:33:02

Keith P Stieneke

Hi Robin, I submitted a few months to some of these. Boy, how your list has grown. I've just created a new resource site for bloggers and all things related to blogs, blogging and rss. I will be sure to mention your site soon. I also have created a reciprocal link directory for people to add their blogs to. It can be found at

2005-02-22 14:37:02

S. Housley

2005-02-21 07:08:53


From couple of days I was searching for some of the directories which can submit my rss feed but was't able to get. While searching the net I have came through of your site. This site has given me vast knowledge about rss feed that I wasn't aware of. Thanx for the list of directories. I will definitely use it to submit my rss feed.

2005-02-06 08:15:53

Lucas Brachish

I've been coming to your website for a while now, but ever since starting my blog I've found myself back at this particular page time and time again -- and sending others to this page as well. A couple of links might not be working anymore, but it's still the most helpful list around. Thanks!

2005-02-05 07:33:22

Future of blogging

This isn't the first time I've found a useful article on your website, but this page would have to be worth triple it's weight in gold. The is surely the most comprehensive blog & RSS submission list on the web right now. Thanks heaps for making this resource, my blog traffic stats will be HUUUUGE soon :)

2005-01-29 19:02:35

Tery Spataro

You are a total God! This is a great blog guide! Thank you!

2004-12-26 03:11:47

John Shepler

Thanks for this excellent list of resources. You have saved me hours hunting for good directories to list my telecom related business blog. Best Wishes for a prosperous 2005! -- John

2004-10-22 01:04:34

Syd Johnson

The best RSS directory I've found online. Very accurate descriptions plus the links directly to the contact forms so I don't have to look spend half an hour looking for it. A lot of the sites have so much information on the home page that's hard to figure out the navigation sometimes. Thanks again. I placed to link back to your site whenever I was prompted to let the sites know that this is where I got their informatation.

2004-10-18 16:00:23


Many thanks for that - an invaluable resource - I was looking precisely for something like this. :) Now referenced at SEW:

2004-04-28 00:15:39


Thank you VERY much for this list. I really, really appreciate it. Seems the Blogcritic person was a bit rude, but then was nice enough to invite you to visit the site (and kind enough to plug Blogcritic in the process of their rude comment). So, anyway, thanks again! I really appreciated the Ping-o-matic link. I needed that one since the service I use no longer sends Pings to (and didn't inform their users of that fact either!). Keep up with the good work. Genia

2004-03-16 23:54:22

Eric Olsen

Robin, Hi and thanks very much for mentioning Blogcritics and your kind words in your RSS Top 55 list of Feb 5. We were wondering where the enigmatic RSS listers were coming from! While we are very much open to new members (who have a blog) all the time, we don't collect any information via RSS feeds at all, although we do provide an outgoing feed, of course. Our members all manually post their own stories to the site directly rather than any kind of automatic aggregation, so if you could let them know that all we need from those who want to join is their site URL, email, and name, that would be terribly helpful. Thanks again! EO

2004-02-20 07:25:35

Jason Finley Kent

This in an invaluable resource. I have just started a weblog (check it out) and I was looking for this exact information. Thanks.

2004-02-13 12:10:36

Roddy MacLeod

Hi, Examples of RSS aggregators on a subject/resource type basis are: OneStep Industry News and OneStep Jobs announcements Essentially, they make it easier to find industry news and job announcements.

2004-02-11 11:52:28


Wow. That's really great list. Thanx!

2004-02-10 10:08:26

Suhit Anantula

Robin: That is a fantastic and useful collection. You never cease to amaze me. Thanks. Suhit

2004-02-07 19:42:12


Just one word: BRAVO

2004-02-06 07:28:56

Jay Cross

Robin, your timing is impeccable! I just launched the Workflow Institute Blog yesterday. Now I'll admit that realtime enterprise learning is not for everyone, but you've given me a wonderful list to choose from. jay

2004-02-06 02:43:03

Robert Scoble

Don't forget -- lots of great RSS feeds there. Upload your OPML and help the system out.

2004-02-05 20:18:50

Eric Ward

Good grief Robin this is the most useful and generous article and list of submission venues I have ever seen. You could charge for this easily and I'd pay for it. Eric Ward Content Linking Strategies - (est 1994)

2004-02-05 13:45:39


WOW - that is a wonderful list to start using. Great scouting Robin! Sepp

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2010-08-27 17:50:53


Hey. Just wanted to suggest adding my own site to the list. We do take submissions. It's Thanks.

2010-02-06 14:08:04


Great resource. Thank you !

2010-02-03 00:37:48

Pete Smith

Just finished my first podcast. Some great tips here, thanks :-) We are an independent record label not a big bad corporation out to sue you for file sharing, we WANT you to spread our music around. To listen to the Antiqcool Music Business philosophy podcast go here http:antiqcool.podbean.com20100122the-antiqcool-podcast-episo de-1-how-can-you-be-a-part-of-our-success

2009-12-10 11:41:46

Team Chais

very big thanks for Best Podcast Search Engines list ... :)

2009-10-14 22:24:15


Thanks.... again! Just what I needed.

2009-07-18 18:10:36


Thanks for compiling this list, very helpful!

2009-07-16 19:45:50

Jimmy Bryant

Great site, very useful indeed! Thanks

2009-04-23 07:40:57

Podcast Directory

Thanks a lot for all of you. Here i have another site for you where you can post your podcasts. Podcast Directory - Phonecasting is the most excellent site to find all your podcasts, podcast feeds, podcast definitions, podcast software and best podcast directory.

2008-09-14 23:41:30

Oyunlar 1

great info thanks

2008-08-27 12:42:21


This is a great list of podcast directories.I'ld like to mention one more service that you should add in your list i.e. PodPusher ( which allows users to submit the podcasts to over 60 directories at once and the service is free.

2008-04-24 12:32:18


Not a podcast directory but a good starting point for some video podcasts (I have subscribed to all of these now!) http:www.subtafuge.com200804top-10-video-podcasts

2008-03-13 21:12:15

Oritseyemi Emmanuel Madamedon

Hey Robin, Check out It is a podcast directory, also Hosts user-generated videos. Includes network and professional content. Link to the UGV

2008-02-07 20:48:54

Christian Del Monte

Hi Robin, Just wanted to give you another podcast resource We just revamped the site and are still working some of the bugs out, but its a great resource to find business only podcasts. Cheers, Christian

2007-12-09 14:34:44

John Stuart

The link to podcast charts on page 4 is a virus trap. I downloaed a JSPyme from linking to it. Fortunately, my AVG caught it in time.

2007-11-20 18:49:49

magazine subscriptions

great list we will use to promote our magazine podcasts

2007-10-02 05:14:42


umm , great! thank you..

2007-01-07 12:49:09


A great site . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

2006-12-17 22:28:28


All Feeds does just that, show all of its feeds with the title, link to its site and a short description when there is one. The title link from anywhere on the Web site opens the podcast in a media player instead of a detailed page. Podcasts don't have detailed pages.

2006-11-06 17:11:44


Thank you..

2006-11-02 13:23:21

Juergen Kress

Hi Robin, can you please add our website SPEECHA your podcast community to find, tag and share podcasts with your friends. Submit your podcast feed here:

2006-10-20 08:40:17

Matt Williams

Another place to add high quality podcasts:

2006-09-28 14:21:03


if i get subscribers to my podcast through itunes, podblaze, or where ever, will i be able to see who is subscribing?

2006-07-31 17:13:42


Here is one for your list: Fetching Podcasts Fetching Podcasts from around the web to make it easier for you to find the best of the best.

2006-06-19 13:27:54


Dont forget, there are over a thousand podcasts..and you can listen online! If you're a podcaster, you can also use the site to ping all the major podcasting resources with your podcast feed (apple, odeo, technorati etc) get even more listeners!

2006-06-03 14:46:47


You might be interested in this specialist UK-based podcast directory: "Podcasts for Educators". The directory contains selected educational podcasts for use with children and young people at home, school and elsewhere.

2006-01-25 19:08:35


Podsage is a free podcast client for windows with over 27,000 linked feeds and can be updated automatically via 100+ OPML links.

2006-01-20 15:26:19


oh and of course there is Poddle for a google-like podcast search

2006-01-20 15:21:18


there's also The Pod Lounge which is growing at a rapid rate and scored Yahoo Australia's pick of the day for January 19

2006-01-11 01:58:44


Here's another great directory dedicated to video podcasting:

2006-01-11 01:55:46


Here's another great directory dedicated to video podcasting:

2006-01-07 08:55:17


Check PODSONORO, It is a Spanish podcasts search engine.

2006-01-05 02:07:54

Jonathan Kolyer

You forgot to mention podOmatic:

2005-12-30 03:40:40


There is also Which features podcasters and their show promos.

2005-12-19 23:57:58

Dan Safkow

I've taken the directory list to the next level by expanding on it adding Alexa index to it so those submitting to the directories can work smart, not long.

2005-12-19 23:56:28

Dan Safkow

I've taken the directory list to the next level by expanding on it adding Alexa index to it so those submitting to the directories can work smart, not long.

2005-11-29 03:50:17


Just to add to the list... Vodstock is a growing directory of vodcasts (video podcasts) with ratings and suggestions.

2005-10-04 00:01:25


This is a great list of Podcasting sites!!

2005-09-10 14:33:42

Namita Nayyar

A great site . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

2005-09-08 12:11:36

Carlos Jorge Andrade

Portuguese spoken podcast directory

2005-09-08 08:27:41

Rodney Rumford

Robin, You neglected to add which has a directory of over 600 podcasts. also has a ping server and automatically receives podcast pings.

2005-09-07 14:42:59

Coffee & Cr@sh

Howard Stern style 2-geek ran show covering tech, girls, sex, movies, stupid people, and more more!

2005-08-31 14:03:53

I use PodNova for finding podcasts and my subscription management, at

2005-08-19 22:10:37

Christopher Sisk lists independent music podcasts and feeds. Currently accepting submissions. is highly moderated to ensure podsafe, copyright free feeds.

2005-08-18 15:42:49

Stephanie Ciccarelli is a professional voice-over talent job site where you can upload your podcasts / demos and be listened to by business employers and podcast producers. Promote your talents and your podcast by joining the leading voice-over marketplace,

2005-07-11 13:55:09


i just wanted to add the spanish speakers podcasts directory to your great list: do also check this out:

2005-07-11 06:55:47

John S

Great list! Here is another podcast site to add with rapid inclusion and a built-in reader: .aspx

2005-06-02 20:17:34

Penny Haynes

I just wanted to add another directory to your list: Family Friendly Podcasts is a directory for podcasts that are safe and professional for businesses and families. The Directory is also available via 2 podcasts - one of the listings in alphabetical order, and the other by latest listing.


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